No people in PC ques

Is there any plans to help open up the PC pvp pools… The winter update quests sound fun to do, but can’t do any of them in well over an hour ques for PC’s. I really want to play this game but when half the content is locked out because there’s just no one one it’s really disheartening.

Should have bought the Xbox one. Only console with a healthy player base at the moment.

@viracon91 there is a pc non official battleborn discord that many people visit to go into private PVE to do the story/ops. Would that interest you?

Paging @NatsumeRyu (if you could share link if he wants)

rises from the ground at being summoned

Queues are only bad solo in my experience. I never have to wait long in full groups (since the game is only searching for half the players) except at about 5 am cst, then its dead on pc and ps4 alike sometimes.

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Thanks guys :slight_smile:

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By the way, I disagree with you.