No Pimpernel, no Lyuda, no problem?

Is a sniper build without these two guns worth it on OP8?

Maybe something like this (L. Sniper):

Zer0 has plenty of other powerful SR options so…

Of course it’s worth it. There’s nothing more to say about it. :slight_smile:

The Sloth, Invader or Jakobs. Also, Maliwan Snipers.

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Perfectly viable. Some enemies will be more difficult, obviously.

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What was said above. Also don’t forget purple Vladof snipers (especially Droogs) that are basically Lyuudas with lower base stats. But yeah, Zer0 can pass through OP8 without Pimpernel or Lyuuda.

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Zer0 can play op8 with green or white snipers, in fact a few people who have posted in this thread have recorded it.

Haha yeah, totally forgot about that! Thanks everybody

I’m a tad bit late, but two words: Aquamarine. Snider.