No point to eridium or money yet again

Seriously neither of these really matter end game, again. 7 years and they couldn’t think up something to make them useful? Earl’s usefulness runs out with his machine once you’ve really started hard farming for legendaries with anointments and seeing how he doesn’t sell them, he’s basically useless, just like the vending machines after a point. Money is useful for a while with SDU’s but after that, yet again just something you literally don’t need anymore again… Give me some kind of dump to invest these in man, seriously. I hear people talking about Destiny stuff of reconstructing weapons, let me do that with my eridium, make it expensive af, just let me do something with this stuff ffs.


Or spend eridium to anoint unanointed guns.


Anything would be better than the actual nothing we have now. Seriously SEVEN YEARS! and they still failed even worse at end game seeing how they are withholding an already proven to be vermivorous type raid boss in ascension bluff apparently…

Eridium I see having a purpose but money side…in 2 I at least cared if I died and lost a chunk. On this it doesn’t matter as I don’t need to buy anything with it.

I’m really hoping that note cosmetic options get added for in game money because as much as I love the fact I can decorate my room, it’s not enough. I want lights, a disco ball, my own music - let me spend my game money to make my room and my experience more personalised please ;-;

indeed that is a problem, and easy solution was suggested multiple times. to re roll one of your gun parts for certain HIGH price.

do not like your scope on the gun? fix it or get even worse one with money.
do not want x2 modifier on your gun? reroll to go down to x1.
your gun has base dmg buff but lower mag and you want the opposite? re roll some of the parts.

i don care make it cost 1000 eridium or 10mln in cash. it would help immensly.

Add some form of crafting and they can be useful again.

In the 7 years between the game. They cannot come out with a is how innovation! Shocking

2nd Fire mode and sliding, where games have them before even before B2, and that’s the amount of innovation in B3.

That sounds awesome. It would be cool if you could spend a big chunk of cash to like, upgrade the size and customization options of your saferoom. And doing so maybe, ohh i dont know, INCREASE THE SIZE OF THE BANK?! ha

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GBOX could take sort of a page from Path Of Exile.

Use money and Eriduim as an economy for gameplay modifiers.

Not sure they want to under take a resource economy like POE (which is insanely well woven).

It moves away from looter too much.

The problem with Path of exile, is, it is more of a currency farming game than a loot finding game.

I was a long time Path of exile fan (1K hours and 400+€ ) but it’s one of the thing I hate about the game. It’s about finding currency preferably some exalted orbs, and gears to sell ( rather than to use) then use gaming worst trading system to buy the gears you wanted.

Money and Erium should be more useful, but not at expense or bexomeing more important than gears

It’s as of Gearbox is under the impression that their fanbase will just play this game once and that’s it to worry about endgame.

Boy, are they in for a surprise. Lol 7yrs indeed!

Yes I would like to be able to full customize my room, from floor to ceiling, any way I want. Like Forge mode in halo, or base building in fallout or something.

Give some really really cool items like insanely high costs even for money, couple million for a few big pieces, etc. I would gladly save up for that, at least it would be something to aim for.

Why not betting in the game? Nog fight arena you could bet in to see who would win, what about entering races, they have one race track already in the game, it would be cool to see more vehicle races because they allow customization in this game now, heck why not allow player racing time trial type things, ai to fill spots in for single player, they did it in RDR2 this time around.

Why not do it in this game too, especially with all the customization we can do with our vehicles this time around.

Make people pay to enter the races, and you can create a money sink in a way to, only the winner takes money, and say it costs $10,000 to enter, then player 1 makes $25k, and no one else wins any, so there is a $15k gold sink, for example if 4 people enter.

Have cash sink challenges, so say for circle of slaughter, pay $100k, add an additional challenge, maybe another mayhem modifier for example, or 15% more enemies every wave, and you can’t die, or no one on your team can die, or you lose your money, win without dying and you get a lot better loot chance from a special chest for completing the harder challenge.

Maybe even do time trials for a price, offer a better loot chance for completing it fast enough.

actually they released the data sometime during 2016 or 2017 loot hunt and most of the players quit after they finish first playthrough. and op8 players were some ridiculously low number like 2% of total.

Dunno keeps me entertained on the slot machines, while mates are taking forever to sort out gear in sanctuary

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Must be the only ‘hardcore’ fans then. Many get insulted when you just stop playing after one playthrough “you’re doing it wrong!” they’d say, geeze

They are right tho. Normal mode is the worst of borderlands experience. Bl is all about skill points first and items second and story 9000th

I can understand that but some just do a single and move on lol. It boils down to how much fun they had.

You could use the eridium for anointed guns and hard cash for standard…

Or better yet, be able to purchase a second one to place in your room and spend more money increasing the size of that one too. One that is specifically for that character and isn’t shared across saves.

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Would be nice to be able to change a gun’s level, too.

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What I was thinking was an infinite SDU upgrades that grew more and more expensive like how they multiple by 3. Eventually it would be a crazy cost, but for now that could hold us off till they think of something else.