No pre-made vs pubs

Just code it so it’s impossible. It’s just a sad experience for the receiving end and the other guys learn nothing. Organized pub stomping needs to be actively fought against.
PS: No, I don’t care about your craving for killstreaks. Go pick on somebody your own size, nerd.

agreed. i actually prefer playing the game solo, but the matchmaking forced me to put together a team. i literally cant even play solo anymore. so here i am on my day off, and i cant really play right now because my team isnt online, and i know they will just match me against other teams every 2 out of 3 games. and then every 3 out of 4 will have a galilea/supp combo and ruin those games further… can’t really play this game solo anymore. it’s sad.

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I disagree with this, as a solo player I do not want to never fight against premade groups.

It’s pretty much that simple. I have no issues with facing a team that is partied. It also leads into complications with friends playing together having to fight ONLY highly competitive teams. Premades aren’t even better and have no inherent advantage. The problem, really, is that PUGs don’t use mics.

With the poor matchmaking due to the low popularity, and with the popularity risk due to Overwatch, I think this would cause more headaches than it would solve. The devs have already stated that they don’t want to split up the queueing pool too much, and this would surely hurt.

Also, frankly, I think you’re exaggerating or simply haven’t been playing long enough. I noticed this for the first few days I was playing.

highly disagree. this game comes down to two things: team composition, and communication. pugs dont do either, premades do both.[quote=“iggyjudd, post:3, topic:1457692”]
Also, frankly, I think you’re exaggerating or simply haven’t been playing long enough

combined command of over 200 between ctt, beta, game

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This game comes down to a hell of a lot more than communication and team composition. You do not win out of the gate. I’ve seen good teams lose because of their team comp, and I’ve also seen ■■■■■■ team comp come out victorious, and not with a mic.

You’re exaggerating. It’s clear. And that’s exactly what I said. Either exaggerating or haven’t played long. Clearly it’s not about the length you’ve been playing.

I’ve been playing this game for 2 weeks and I’m having a great time solo playing. I’ve run into premades, I’ve been part of premades, I’ve lost as horribly as you can, and I’ve succeeded greatly. You are overly simplifying this game and you are exaggerating. People who stress team composition are typically compensating for a lack of skill.

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Well…random injection of thought here but in my experience people who use the words “clear” and “clearly” a lot tend to be on the wrong side of the argument.
Certainly, there are cases where random groups of players can defeat a pre-made group but that is the exception and not the rule. The sad truth is that miced-up premade groups will rofl-stomp their opponents on a regular basis. The basic problem for Gearbox is that there simply aren’t enough players left to fill two PvP queues completely unbalancing the matchmaking process.

pretty much pvp ques in a nutshell. really not much of a option unless we get more players.

I said “clear” and “clearly” once each lol. Good try, though.

So we want to reduce MM even more? Use a LFG or something it’s the internet. There are plenty of other slobs on the Web with the same gripe, myself included.