No pre-order Bonus in the mail Box

Well , i pre-ordered the game, i get my game code and pre-order one too then i used both of them on the epic game luncher but i don’t have any pre order bonus … no golden key or skin …

I would know if this is a cummon trouble or an actual error ?

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If this is on the Xbox mine needed to be installed separately I just checked and found then as a downloadable add on.

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BL3 - PC
I still dont see my Pre-Order Bonus Golden Keys…

  1. I preordered on Epic Games. I have a Shift Account.
  2. I have verification check mark for survey completion.
    3 . I’m lvl 17 or so I still don’t see the Chrildren of the Vault Weapon or 5 bonus keys.

I already claimed other Shift Codes given on websites and other sources.