No ps5 upgrade in uk

Hi all I know there are a lot of posts about the ps5 upgrade in the forums but my problem isn’t mentioned,
So here goes…
I can download b3 from my library but only ps4 version with no option to upgrade.
I bought the super deluxe version on release and I’m dying to try it on ps5. When I go to the store and search for b3 I see all of the versions and they all say unavailable with no options to download or upgrade, the only edition that doesn’t say unavailable is the standard version for £59.99 but when I click on it it tries to make me pay for it the full £59.99. Other games have upgraded/offered the upgrade with no issues at all.

Yea same problem here, bought digital super deluxe at launch, but now wants me to buy the ps5 version.

Its like the digital editions are not upgrading

Same, digital deluxe in uk. Support sugrdted I contact Sony (whose support is a bit busy for some reason). Upgrade path worked on other games.

Same issue here own all the dlc and game digital no free upgrade… Says I need to pay £60

I put a ticket in and the reply was " press options on the game tab and select game version" which I have done and can pretty much guarantee all of you have done that aswell seeing how we have all stated other games can be upgraded.
I will reply to their asked question and let you all know the response. They also suggested clearing
the cache which seems odd on a brand new device.

Yep same problem here in The Netherlands with the digital version unable to upgrade to the PS5 version.

On another note if you select anything other than the basic version it says you already own it.

Yes same Problem in Switzerland. I dont found a Upgrade Button.

OK this seems have fixed mine.
go into the add ons and download everything including the season passes.
Once id done that it no longer charged me for the upload.
Hope this helps.

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I think it has been fixed, free upgrade option appearing for me fine this morning.

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Nemisiis was right for me anyway.
I had to download everything that was free - season pass all cosmetics - everything! And then the upgrade became available. With the ps4 once you re-downloaded your games they gave the option or automatically downloaded all the dlc and add ons you had but it appears the ps5 doesn’t want to lol

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