No quest waypoints

I was playing through the last story mission in the Dahl Headlands and the active quest waypoint disappeared. Luckily, I’ve played through the game enough times to know where I had to go to finish the story quest so that was fine…ish. Cool? Not cool. No waypoint for the next story quest or any of half-dozenish errands I picked up in New Haven. I relogged, tried changing quests, placing and removing custom waypoints, and a few other things trying to self resolve, but nothing worked. Waypoints popped back on for a few minutes after I did absolutely nothing of note and stuck around long enough for me to finish one in-town quest in New Haven, but now they’ve fk’d off again.

Anyone else with the same issue or know a fix?

One caveat: I have a bunch of completed but not turned in quests in my log. I doubt that has any barring, but tf right? (I am not turning in my quests unless having too many open is the problem [and the shouldn’t be the problem]… I. Will. Not.)

All I can suggest is checking the game options to see if toggling something there restores the marker. As for:

Why are you not turning them in? Yes, you’re deferring the XP, but that’s the only thing you’re doing. And it is indeed possible that they might be the source of the problem.

(I think the most I’ve ever had waiting to be turned in at one time was 6-8, and that was because they were all in New Haven and I didn’t want to travel back between finishing each one.)

I do my thing. I don’t turn in quests in order to keep my level low. I do this because I like the higher exp mob kills leveling up my weapon proficiency faster. Also, it’s pretty easy to get OP if you stay on top of quests and exploration and I just don’t have fun on BL1 op.

You’re probably right about my log being too full. I just checked and I DO get waypoints directing me to where I turn in completed quests, just no waypoints for currently active and unfinished quests.

(FYI. I have 8 ready to complete and 8 accepted atm. I’m guessing the 8 ready to turn in is the magic number.)

When I play tomorrow I’ll turn one in and see if I get my waypoints back. I’ll post the results.

You could always not accept the side quests if you don’t want to level up to fast? Regardless, let me know if you get the waypoints back after handing in one or two.

Yep. The waypoint limit is 8 quests ready to turn in.
I take and complete the quests as they serve as good guide posts to level appropriate mobs and chests. Also, I like to have them banked in case I want to level up fast for a boss fight or a difficulty spike. Having ready cash that doesn’t get sucked out of my wallet when I die is nice too. So, yeah I have all kinds of justifications for my strange quest attitude.

It’s just something I’ve always done. Honestly, I can’t remember if the whole 8 quests thing was a thing on 360, where I did most of my BL 1 hours. I banked quests back then too, but usually only 3 or 4.

I know it’s weird, but I’m a min/maxer almost to the point of being ocd.

I think the waypoint functioned a little differently there - I don’t remember having anything beyond the indicator on the compass and the main map? And I definitely don’t remember distance markers!

You’re right. The way points only showed on the compass and the main map. My 8 quest thing didn’t have them anywhere though. I could of slogged through if I had them on the main map at least I guess.

I encountered a few minor glitches and bugs so far. Nothing game breaking. I’ll suffer them gladly in exchange for our nice little mini map.