No quit without saving? (Xbox One)

So since there seems to be no way around autosave. There is no more farming for quest items? An example would be The Fibber, its a rare quest reward in Hyperion close to endgame iirc. You get random stats for but the reward is guaranteed. A lot of us have used different methods to quit w/o saving to get the reward item that fits out character’s build/playstyle. One of the most popular zero melee build items was Moxxi’s slag melee pistol reward. I’m not the only one who farmed for HOURS to get that thing. So anyways has anyone done this method on the Xbox One or is this a thing of the past.

You can still dashboard on the Xbox One, can’t you? That’s all you need to do to quit without saving. Failing that, I guess you’d have to turn the power off (which might corrupt your save).

Yea I tried that already and it autosaved. I’ll try it again another time after I get my Borderlands 2 disc for 360 back so I can just transfer. Sucks it’s the only way to get your old goodies.

Well, that’s not too good for quest farming. I get mine today, I bet the PS4 is the same. Grrr.

Can you Dashboard, then press the menu button over the game icon and press “quit”?

I just hit the home button and sign into a different profile and it takes you back to main menu because you signed out, don’t know how it works on ps4 though

As soNE as I loaded my first char in thc, I farmed a rustlers orphan maker by signing out when it didn’t give me a jackobs grip with the hyperion stock. Had to do it like 30 times to get rustlers prefix and good parts.

yeah you can dashboard the games, just don’t be around anything that autosaves like in town checkpoints and you will be fine. on xone you can just hit the guide button and hit quit game. i don’t know about ps4 version since i don’t have it, but i assume it would work there too where you hit the ps button then hit options over the game icon itself to quit maybe.

Yeah, you have to quit the game. I “dashboarded” quite a few times earlier today while messing with the grinder in TPS, so I know it works.

If i remember right, that sounds about right. You hit the PS button to open the “dashboard” and pressing the Options button over the game itself brings up a menu. One of the options was something like “Close Application”. That stopped the game. I’ve only done it once when i first bought my PS4 to see what everything did.

What do you do every other time you quit a game?

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Quit to the game’s main menu, PS button to dashboard, then Power Off.

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Hmmm, yeah that would work.

I usually quit game, close application, then power off, then turn off at the wall.

Because I’m super pedantic.

Just sign out and back in. It’s much faster than reloading the game.

Will it autosave when you close the application?
Quest farming was so easy on Xbox, I want to quest farm the Sandhawk for my Siren.

Just log Out. It works fine :slight_smile: i farmed myself an slag Lady fist few days ago.

If you hit QUIT in the game’s pause menu, it will autosave. If you just dashboard out and Close Application, it will not.