No Rare spawn missions?

Hi, I play on Xbox one x and I have played a bit, I have a level 50 Zane and a level 22 Fl4k so far. I have noticed that there are supposed to be rare spawn quests that pop up in sanctuary III, and yet none have popped up. I don’t know if this is a bug or if I am simply just missing something.


For me works when another character loads on sancturay, I play with few pals with low level (30-35) and when I return on Sanctuary the Rare Spawn Missions are on the wall

I don’t have gold though, does splitscreen work?


So the way the rare spawn missions work is if your friends come across the rare spawn in their game, the mission to fight the spawns will appear on your sanctuary! As you’ve stated you don’t have gold, so if you want to fight the rare spawns, you just have to go to the actual location where they spawn and if you’re lucky they’ll be there.

even dinklebot?

dinklebot’s got about a 1 in 4 chance to spawn in! go to his location, and if he doesn’t spawn, then quit to main menu and reenter your game till he does!

Yes Split works too, I have done that for Dinklebot