No, really... Why is Gallilea not nerfd/changed yet

Just look at her mutations and entire Helix. She has a pull, silence, stun, life sap and regen, 35% attack speed boost AND finally factor in more attack speed gear/regen or some legendary that grants stupid useful bonuses and we end up with a broken hero that does the Assassin/Support/Pusher/Tank all at the same time. Oh, and a shield… Ffs gearbox.


Damn, 35% attack speed? I don’t use her but that is ridiculous actually for any character. All I can say is they are continuously going to be changing her - probably primarily with the first patch.

They can not nerf that in a hotfix it has to be a patch, patches have to go through certification with microsoft and sony. They did lower some of her stats with the first hotfix and the rest will be in the patch that is coming.


She has an insane kit that shouldn’t have been a thing to begin with. I don’t know how somebody thought “Hey, you know what would be cool? If we gave a character EVERYTHING! Like dude, you think of it, it’ll have it!”

She currently has.

A Stun (L1)
A Debuff (R1)
A Pull (Mutation)
A Silence (Mutation)
A Slow
A Hasten
A Wound (Anti-Heal)
Health Regen (Ult + Mutation)
Attack Speed boost (Mutation)
Attack Damage boost
Ranged Projectiles that deal insane damage
A Shield that blocks a ton of damage (on top of her actual shield)

All she’s missing is a Blind…one of the weaker of the CCs. lol

P.S Forgot to mention her Ult makes her practically hard to kill allowing her to retreat safely while healing her.

Whats bad is the mutations are early unlocks too. The pull is level 1 mutation.

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That is probably going to be a part of the fixing, glad you mention that. It makes a world of difference when certain things unlock versus their power in general. She might make a lot more sense if you just move her lesser augments into the early helix choices.

Come to mention it, that might improve weaker characters as well. I’d certainly like a more effective choice early with Attikus.

Actually, she does take (reduced) damage while using it.

Yeah, the whole sinking into the ground thing is really misleading…there really should be something that appears above the ground while she’s doing it so people doesn’t assume she burrowed like a mole.

If only they could make the hero “disabled” until the patch.
That would save us so many easy lose…

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It’s kinda unfair that Galilea can do all that while Kelvin’s only decent move is Sublimate.

Poor Kelvin. :cry:

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im really trying to understand what can and cannot be done in a hotfix. if i recall correctly, phoeb’s stun was drastically manipulated through hotfix, along with the way bladerush operated in relation to the stun. certain gear has been completely disable in the past through hotfix. how hard would it be to disable her mutations til an actual patch comes out to balance them? they dont need to balance the mutations at the present time due to the limitations of a hotfix, but they need to just simply be temporarily removed. they should have never been given to one character to begin with, so disabling them wouldnt even really make her bad.

look at phoebe, for instance. she does not get increased attack speed til level 7, has no stun, which gali spawns with, and phoebe is an assassin. she literally has a slow field and her primary. she has nothing else. blade rush does not damage, and any cc or skill you may want to silence is already going to be used by the time you land a combo against competent players.

obviously i got sidetracked for a second there, but you get the idea. if gali just had her regular helix and the stun, with no mutations, she would still be the best assassin in the game, and she isnt even an assassin. why not just disable the mutations entirely until a patch?

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I think it is important to remember that gearbox has only had the game out for a few weeks, they are in the process of tweaking and modifying characters. They dont want to just jump in and adjust damage scaling or character upgrade path without looking at it carefully. This is their initial launch phase, they just have to get the hang of nurfing and buffing battleborns.

I believe patches of sufficiently significant size require the platform go-to.

Why does it have to be in a bigger patch, don’t look at me! I’m just a fellow that tries to absorb as much about game development as he can over the Interwebs, no more no less. Couldn’t tell ya.

While poor toby has all of his mutations at the lower end of his tree, mostly worse than the stuff you get already. I mean, they crippled him with his ult, giving him a mutation that increases his usefulness when he DIES is a cruel joke indeed.

Most of us are patiently waiting for the changes. Knowing that they are coming soon is enough for me to grit my teeth and deal with her nonsense over the next few weeks.

She is broken right now though. Even the devs admit this (I believe they used the term “god mode”), yet we still see people on these forums saying she is ok. Which makes me laugh.

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I’d say she’s really not all that pants-on-head dumb without her mutations. Definitely overperforming, but not something that deserves such a reaction.

With most of the mutations though (certainly something many players have been subjected to), you better believe a giant AoE pull+silence is absolute cray cray.

The worst are the players who choose her then proceed to talk trash while exploiting her smh.

If you build for it, it can do 2000+ dmg per one use. Though by default it’s pretty underwhelming for an assassin and the Helix Augment you need for that damage is very low on the tree.

dont forget her BS shield. AOE damage even behind her doesn’t hurt her its still immune

Gearbox has already confirmed that the next update contains more adjustments for galilea.

Good, then they can make a decision on what Ambra should be. She is way to easy use for the amount of damage she is capable of.