No reason to play

Why farm weapons?

  • New update looking to increase level cap

Why farm money?

  • Sitting at over 99,999,999 with nothing to buy

Why farm eridium?

  • Sitting at over 113,000 with nothing to buy

Why farm class mods?

  • New class mods will have better perks

So currently what is the point of doing anything in game


DLC 3 comes out in two days…just have fun and blow ■■■■ up…or play something else. :crazy_face:


i will tell you why, because i love playing game the game is great ! i might spend million hours here criticising all the horse ■■■■ balance wise but i do not play for progression to farm currency to farm eridium to use same guns no

i love to mob and i love to boss i love to switch my setups from jacobs to hyperion/dahl to torgue/amliwan to vladof/atlas you might ask what about tediore? nah they are either terribly op or terribly bad. game is far from perfect but i create my own setup where fun is abundant.i did not like anointed gear so i craft my own endgame where i use none of it and match my power curve by using mayhem mode. i hate modifiers with passion so i sit into m4 or m5 trying to roll as little intrusive modifiers as possible. some guns are horribly overpowered so i do not use them to have certain base line where multiple manufacturers and gun types can florish. certain gear gives damage way too easily like seein dead so i do not use it and try to see where the limit of my zane sits within the paradigm of his skill trees. i did not like multiple close to exploitative interactions so i do not access them pearl projector white elephnat with facepuncher all create very easy access to damage that has nothing to deal with character or guns themselves so i stray away from using them.

i will tell you what champ i do not play this game to farm, i farm to play this game and that makes all the difference in the world. every game has best options and every hardest difficulty will push you towards using best options and best options often lie on the edge of exploiting. Dev’s can not make perfect game, would i like to be creating my own endgame? absolutely not! but as long as i have to… i find great deal of options.

i am not happy with the game i am not content with direction it is headed for but man damn me if i was playing this game for single reason you may think matters.


How could one possibly argue with this proposal? Even Mr Torgue would approve!


More accurate thread title would’ve been “No reason to farm”. Which I wholeheartedly agree with, since it fits my attitude towards Borderlands in general :wink: .

You can still play the game for fun. Which I still do, but I seem to be in minority here lately.


Games are usually finite. If you no longer have a reason to play, then don’t. There’s nothing wrong with that. It’s not abnormal in the least.


I jus occasionally load up and play around with skill trees & class mods… aka I been on athenas for like a month torturing it’s inhabitants cus I’m mad about the current state of the game


Actually you ar torturing maliwan … You don’t get to shoot the monks :crazy_face:


Might as well clean out your inventory + farm for artifacts. Not sure if there’s anything else “worth” doing for the next 2 days

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Nah they live there now, you see them coming out their houses lol

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Would this make them squatters?? If so this should be even more reason to rid that lovely planet of those D-bags lol

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I still try to evolve varkids… I mean you never know. :ghost::vulcan_salute:


Frankly I’m not sure how anyone keeps playing these types of games.

After the story and quests, you can farm the gear you like, then once you have that…what?

There are the arenas/challenges, those are cool.

But farming for gear to kill enemies with more HP, to go through the cycle again? Is that really what the draw is? I like playing games, not doing chores. Give me more gameplay, not more numbers, ugh.

(That said, I think I’ve gotten my money’s worth out of this particular game, no complaints)


We had Raid bosses before the Takedowns.

I really miss Raid bosses


Don’t play then? :thinking:

Why do players just HAVE to come on the forums and give this sad speech (cue violin music) about quitting/having no reason to go on lolol

We all know you’re gonna be playing on patch day, and the new DLC…hell you already paid for it.

I said this in a previous thread but…just take a break my dude…it’s 1, count…1 video game

I play because I’m having fun, and am sooooo ready for Thursday :metal:…you could be too if you just relaxed


I paid $100 most of the time I load up borderlands 3, close the app before it fully loads and play better looter/shooters with less problems and imbalances.

I really could careless at this point about any future dlc or events.


I always go back to BL2, I truly enjoy the funny story lines/missions and the vault hunters. Well, maybe not Gaige (all that f’n screaming she does). I hopped on a random game the other day and was giddy that s/he was doing the Torgue side mission wherein you have to take out that game reviewer (BuffGamer?). Literally laughed out loud throughout the entire mission.

And yes, I will probably play BL2 for as long as I live…I’ll be the old geezer in the old folks’ home yelling “RUBBERIZED! ARE YOU F’N KIDDING ME!!!”


But…you’re here on forums…telling everyone about it…you DO care lol

AND you already paid for it…just try it out man lol…the only one affected by you quitting or leaving is…you :point_up:


Hate to say it but I’m done with gearbox untill this game has all it’s content and has it’s major problems fixed, I repeatedly question why they add a new level cap just after events where we spend hours of our time farming perfect versions of these great guns for them to be invalid within a couple of weeks.

I wish they would 1. Not only properly playtest things they add so we don’t end up with game limiting bugs that they can’t be bothered to fix for a week or two (a bit like the recent takedown health scaling problem which I am dumbfounded as to how they missed before release)

And 2. Listen to what people are saying about scaling, add a use for eridium so that we can scale our guns when a new level cap is added, otherwise what’s the point in farming these event guns they make a big deal about when they’re just going to make them useless before the next bit of content drops (and no I don’t mind it with guns we can get again because, yknow, farming is the point of borderlands).

I’m bored of doing the same stuff repeatedly having the same mistakes happen because a Dev team cant be bothered to take a minute and check that the thing they’re adding works or not, or the gun/event they’re adding is worthwhile to play through.


check out changes this thursday before you say you are done.