No reply from the shift support

I recently noticed that the email and the password associated with my shift account are not working anymore. I opened a ticked and gave them all the info like support ids, emails and more. After a few days I asked if there was something I could do to speed things up, but I didn’t get any reply. Any way to fix this or do I just have to wait?

There appeared to be an issue with the SHIFT servers a few days back, so not sure if that was your problem or not. Unfortunately I don’t have any insight into support response times.

What you could do while you are waiting is see if you can sign in ok via the web site: Make sure you have a ‘display name’ set there as well (although weirdly it seems that this can’t be the same as your forum name? Odd.). You may want to check the associations tab on that site as well.

Thanks for the reply.
I think that I wrote my ticket right before the servers went back online. Should I create a new one? I am able to log in with steam but I can’t change the email because of the missing password. Display name there is justchangeit as well. I have different accounts associated like epic games and 2k.

Shift doesn’t seem to be monitored as much, now the game is on its come down.

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No, just reply to it with the updated information.

Make another a did i got a reply to the second.

Ok so the status from my ticket changed from “open” to “awaiting your reply” 2 hours after I updated the information and it now says Last activity: 8 hours ago which means that they did something. I assumed that I got an answer but both my email where I should get a notification if someone replies as well as the Requests I’m CC’d on- section are empty.
I even checked the site with different browsers but that wasn’t the problem.
24 days and still no reply.

Ok after 44 days I got my reset email. Nice