No reset level option = not fun

Greetings,… sadly here is not option for reset commandament level just reach level 100 I wanted to play the whole thing again but I cant then just uninstall the game too bad.

I remember how much you can re-play Borderlands 2 again, again… good old days _)


You can play all story missions as much as you want at Command level 100. You can also PVP at Command level 100 as much as you want. Why would you want to reset Command level?

This…makes no sense? Not able to reset the command level, so you uninstall the game.

You still can play the story mode, like try to achieve gold for all missions etc or keep playing pvp.

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I am trying to understand this.

Do you need achievements/reminders/rewards to justify your playing after hitting 100?

Have you completed this 100%, so all characters, Lore, Gold missions etc?

You lose a reward (every 5 levels) and a feeling of gratification when gaining xp.

In other games, call of duty for example… reaching max level unlocks everything… and you can play like that all you want. But for a lot of people it’s much more fun to start over.

There is a feeling of gratification from leveling for the sake of leveling. Much less the rewards.
Would be nice to do it for characters too.

Hi, thanks for replies, yep I can play all other chars for achievements etc,etc but I really like Mike and Montana the others I dont care much I have reach max level for both Mike/Montana.

Well it is not the only game that you cant reset level/progress same thing with Advanced Warfare , Black Ops III and Battlefield 4.

Maybe I am a bit weird… yep I am _)