No room for all this Terror gear

Greetings all, first post!

Title kind of speaks for itself. While I really appreciate the free event, creating a whole new type of anointed gear while the forums are full of posts crying for more bank and bag space seems poorly thought-out.

Some of this Terror gear I would love to keep and try out but I find myself only picking it up to complete the challenges then vending it. It’s not going to win a spot over my prized legendary gear which I will be using for a long time over gear with a short lived 6 week purpose. I’m completely tired of making more storage characters, this was a workaround for a 7 year old game, not a 2019 game…

What would have been great - if the upcoming bank space increase that was announced would have rolled out with the event. Seems like a wasted opportunity that is diminishing this event.

Also can we limit the zones where this Terror gear drops? You are pretty much forcing people to play off-line for 6 weeks if they are trying to get regular anointed gear because it feels like around 75% of what is dropping is Terror.


Even runs until early Dec if IIRC and the next update is in Nov, so you should be able to stash some before it’s all over.


enjoy no space at all man, i have had to dump some gear in order to make room. just seems very unituitive that they would release an event when they know bank space is a huge issue.


Yeah it’s poorly thought out. Bank upgrade should have come first. I deleted 20 legendaries tonight so I could pick new terror stuff up and I was full again in 20 mins. We were getting 1 or 2 legendaries from every other encounter. Not even worth playing for us atm as we can’t keep anything we get. My vault only has around 20 guns in, rest area shields, mods and artefacts. I have 2 level 50s and currently working on my 3rd that’s why I have so many mods and stuff. Was so looking forward to this cos I actually thought they’d increase the vault space today. Silly me I know. Disappointed

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…Would have been nice for sure. I had to mule one of mine just to hold one of a kind legendaries.