No rumble in Game

i have noticed that Rumble for my DS4 works when I first start up the game and then I fast travel anywhere and rumble quits all together. I am running firmware 2.50. I have confirmed that rumble works in other games (both controllers). I have also tried repairing both controllers and turning them of and on with no resolution. Is there anyone else out there with the same problem I have?

Yes this also happens to me in Borderlands The Handsome Collection on PS4. The controller’s Vibration Function ( Rumble ) stops Working in just a few minutes of game play. I’m Sure Its a Bug, but no stress I’m sure they will fix it for us shortly.

I’m just hoping that they are committed to Patch all these Bugs that people are Getting. This Game Is Truly Phenomenal and it would be a shame if a few bugs got in the way of that.

But Don’t worry I Trust They’ll Fix These Bugs Up In No Time:
-Screen Tearing
-Frame rate Drops
-Controllers Vibration Function Stop Working