No Sandhawk or Pimp vs the Two Saturns at the Peak

Assuming I go into OP9 totally underleved in Gunnery…

What are my options besides quest guns like Sandhawk Hail and Pimp?

Corrosive Pitchfork??
Corrosive Lyuda?
Corrosive Conference Call?
Corrosive Omen?
Corrosive Slow Hand?
Corrosive Tattler?

I forget…how do you get an upper level Leadstorm? Please don’t say Vorac…LOL I’ve already ruled out interfacers…LOL

Lead storm could be bought with seraph crystals on UVHM, at the lodge.

I like the Flakker for them.

If you’re juicing them with a Bee (which is what I would default to in order to chip away at that mountain of health) I think that the Lyuda and Conference Call are the move, maybe a Pitchfork or Hornet would do admirably with the burst. I’m not sure about the Omen and Slowhand because I think Saturn is generally splash resistant (IIRC). I’m not sure about the Tattler because I assume use of the vending shed for cover and I don’t know the effective range (I have the same reservation about the Lead Storm, but for either if you can land the shots why not?). If you’re lucky enough to get a corrosive Infinity that could do the job, although it might be on the slower side.

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correct me if i’m wrong, but i think Hornet has a lot of splash dmg too

CC or Lyuda sound good tho

You’re not wrong, but the high burst count makes it a decent Bee delivery medium. If I remember correctly that Saturn is splash resistant then you would be missing out on that end of it, but if OP is just looking for a non-mission reward Bee delivery system it wouldn’t be a bad choice. It just isn’t the optimal situation for the Hornet.

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Flakker and RL swap.

TBH sal breezed through op9 with op8 gear (interfacers/dpuh), and the differential felt surprisingly mild. Gbox didn’t slide in any changes in the peak, so it’s just op8 with slightly more sponge.

Corrosive LeadStorm.

Did you get through op9 with pre-DLC op8 (level 80) gear or gear you got after leveling up and getting back to op8 (level 88)? I ask because my pre-DLC op8 gear hardly does any damage to enemies on the post-DLC op8.

You keep your op rank on hitting 80. Only your gear isn’t at op8. Your previously op8 toon only has to run the peak twice, once at op8 and then at op9 to unlock op10.

Grabbed a DPUH, RR, and picked up an electric chair, I was good to go.

While a lvl 80 interfacer works fine on op8 mobs, level 80 is gonna be a hard row at op8 (lvl88) peak. I tested the waters and I won’t recommend it. I can see a melee Zer0 doing it much like StrikerZidane’s lvl72 gear op8 run, because melee scales and isn’t gear dependent. Even then, Zidane is an exceptional player, and was mercilessly consistent with the melee formula.

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