No Save file after cross-saving

So I’ve been playing Borderlands 2 for quite a while and now this problem occurs, I have been using my friends account to play The Handsome Collection (I’m playing on PS4, this is the closest I will get), and after having some fun with it, I had deactivated his account on my PS4 for someone else to take, after getting the urge to play it and him not being on, I resulted in using PS Now and was able to use my character by utilising the cross-save function, and after realising PS Now was too laggy, I immediately went off it, with the character still on the game.

What really frustrates me is that, once I got The Handsome Collection back, my character was gone, despite me already having a save file in the first place, as I played it before having the account set as active. I panicked for a little bit, and tried once more to take advantage of the cross-save function, only to surprise me with a “No Online Save Games found”. Dumbfounded, I stared at the screen for a few seconds, before trying to activate and deactive his account, to no avail.


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My best guess is that the save file got corrupted when you dropped out of PS Now and, since you no longer had your friend’s account active on your system, PSN Game Sharing was no longer available so you were effectively playing an unlicensed copy of the game. If that’s the case, you’re likely out of luck.

You’d honestly be better off getting your own copy of the game the next time it goes on sale.

Edit: See the note in this article specifically about the possibility of accidentally deleting the cloud version of your save while using the cross-save function:

VH is right. Getting your own copy is you’re best bet. A new copy will run you about $18 at Walmart.

I feel your pain.
Save files are a gamer most prized possessions. That’s why I regularly make copy on USB keys.
Sometimes I’ll copy those on my pc. Just to be extra safe.

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