No saving progress?

I played the open beta and figured the “no saving” was due to the open beta…

But tonight we get our full versions - and still no save?

So let me get this straight: in story mode i have to play each mission or level all the way through to completion no matter what? No saving? I cant take a break?

What a terrible design decision. This makes the game practically unplayable for people with children or pets or jobs or other parts of life that may jnterrupt gaming.

$120 for two copies (we have 2 Xboxes) and we can’t even save and exit out of missions without losing progress.

And why do you have to rebuild the helix every time? Seriously? There is no character progression throughout the game? It resets every time?

What is the point of story mode?

We are very disappointed in what otherwise seems like a great and fun game.


I’m just going to point out that before shelling out $120, it is best to properly research the game first. There is a reason why the Helix progression is the way it is, there is a reason why the progress doesn’t save in Story Missions. This information wasn’t hidden. You could also have asked about these before, maybe.

The missions take about 20 to 50 minutes on average. The Story servers can run for about 90-110 minutes. If you have some very urgent emergency, you can leave the game alone for a while and still have time to complete the mission. I do get that it can be annoying that you can’t save&quit whenever but some games just happen to require some uninterrupted time. All online games work this way.

I hope you can still find enjoyment in the game despite this! :slight_smile:


As @reliikki already stated, this is a big part and characteristic of BB. Your progress gets saved, in your commandranking & character ranks. With ranking up Chars you can unlock special skills, with ranking up Command you get new Chars.
The single Story missions are ment to be a replayable event, like driving a certain map in MarioCart :wink: You can do it over and over again, and your best time & ranks get saved.

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Yeah. I would have liked to see at least a few save points to reduce the tedium of having to grind through a whole story. Maybe just a solo option for saves 1/3 and 2/3 of the way through.

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I am also upset about the game not saving in story mode as you progress. My husband and I spent a good hour and a half playing the first mission in private story mode couch co-op last night. We were at the very last boss fight and we were just minutes away from killing it. That’s when the game froze up and we had to turn off the X Box. All of our progress, gear and loot was lost. It was a huge disappointment and incredibly frustrating.

I wish the game would save after each mini boss so that we could come back to it. The lack of saving makes it very stressful for both of us and not as enjoyable as it should be. That’s not how a game should make you feel.

We were looking forward to this game since it was announced. We will find work arounds to make it okay to play because we want to love this game. Hopefully the screen will not freeze again after we have put so much time into it.


That sure would be frustrating.

I got to that first mission final boss solo and then ran out of time.

Would have been nice to go back to a save point just before the boss and have another go at it. Running through the whole story to get there is going to be a grind. Reminds me of very early videogames, where there were no saves or checkpoints and everything had to be completed in one sitting. Seems retro in implementation.


That’s aggravating! I ran out of time in the Open Beta and had almost killed ISIC. I thought it was just a Beta thing. You’re right, it’s just like the old video games with no stopping points.

The fact that there is a time limit KILLS me. If you are playing in private mode there should be no time limits. I like to look at everything, grab all loot and stop and smell the roses. This should be okay but it’s not. Instead I am rushed through the game and fearing for losing my last extra life. It’s so stressful. On that note, why can’t there be infinite lives in normal mode? I understand life limits in advanced mode, but not normal.


Hmnnn… really? That’s annoying. Wish that wasn’t the case. Solo/couch co-op shouldn’t have such a restriction. Oh well. I’ll just try to make sure I beat missions within about 60 minutes of starting.

I can think of many times playing Borderlands where I’ve paused and walked away for a bit to take care of laundry, lunch or bathroom things and came back to finish a mission.

I suppose there could be some tech limitation concern.

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Absolutely agree. Solo should not have a time limit.


Yes, exactly! We would pause the game all the time while playing Borderlands, BL2. I found it amusing that our characters would start complaining out loud about how long we were taking sometimes.

Sometimes you just need to go get a new beer! How are you supposed to drink and play this game? J/K

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I LOVE those AFK (away from keyboard) voiceovers. And they are different I think based on whether you’re just sitting there or if you paused it.

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What we are seeing here is more regular casual gamers getting in to the discussion - instead of the seriously hard core people who had been involved previously.

Not everyone has the time to be extensively involved in tests and closed betas and open betas and in depth analisys and research… Its a game we enjoy and want to play. Thats it.

But its maddingly hard.

I am tired of my wife and I playing for 70 minutes, dying on the last boss, and all of it being lost. It took us 3 days to beat the first “level”.

Thats just not cool for casual gamers - we have jobs and families and other hobbies too.

The game is really fun - it’s a good game!

But the all-or-nothing success model is just too much.

Maybe they need a difficulty below “normal” where you get more respawns or something?

We’ve also played the Experiment level in public games like 5 times in a row with varying teams and never been successful.

This game is really hard - and too many more unsuccessful missions and casual people start to lose interest.



It is nice to see games that address hardcore gamers, but turning off the more casual gamers is hardly a strong strategy for success. I like the game, but the solo gameplay can be very frustrating.

Spending a considerable amount of time to get to the final boss and then failing is a harsh penalty when you have to replay the entire story mission. I would like to see a skill level below normal or at least a few save points in the story missions.

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I started off playing in private mode, enjoying the game and taking time to explore but ended up having to twice start the level again due to missions failures, first time i thought it was a bug but then it happened a second time yet there was no countdown/timer on screen to suggest the level was being timed. I then ended up dying a number of times again losing all progress etc and having to start the level from the beginning, by the 3rd or 4th death [5th or 6th restart] the enjoyment i felt at the beginning of the game had virtually disappeared and the game has started to become more of a grind then anything else.

Now i am not a casual gamer, i play more hours in a week then i would care to admit too and enjoy a challenge but this starts to get boring and knowing this is going to be the case with every level just sucks. Not allowing gamers who are playing single player the option to save their progress is stupid and will drive them off, just wait till the next new release comes out [and there are a few in the coming weeks] those players will relegate this game to the back of the pile. A game should be fun and enjoyable not frustration and eventual boredom

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I just failed the fifth solo mission for the fourth time because my connection went down for a minute yet again. I’m already running out of fun fuel when giving it yet another try. Can we please get a “reconnect” option, costing one life?

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Couldn’t agree more.

Yeah, as a very casual player I also agree. I bought the game because I’d enjoyed playing it and I expected the missions to be shorter or have stopping points. It took us almost 90 minutes to finish the first mission couch co-op last night. The first time we tried and failed a few days ago. I just don’t have that much time to play.


I completely agree. My husband and I have tried twice to play the first mission and we have failed it both times. Holy crap, this game is hard and so unforgiving. Normal mode is just not normal. We need an easy mode while our characters are still babies with low levels and low gear. It’s not like we don’t have gaming experience (especially him) because we couch co-op’ed and logged 500+ hours in Borderlands 1 & 2. We will try again on the first Battleborn mission tonight and hope we can make it through!

The game is fun but it’s so much “GO, GO, GO! No stopping! No breathing! Or you will DIE!” I would like infinite respawns please. Or just be a little more forgiving until our characters level up higher.

Also, life happens while you are gaming. Sometimes your kittens jump up on something and knock things over and you have to take a break to see what the damage is and make sure they are okay. There’s no good way to pause this game in this instance and not die unless you have cleared that area first. Please give us save points and let us start from the last point saved instead of re-starting the entire mission over again.


Each mini boss in a story mission should trigger a save point upon completion (or at least every other mini boss). This could eliminate the time failure when attempting the whole story in one sitting and coming up short. It would be a lot more fun doing a few parts of the story mission after a save point, than having to grind the whole thing again.

Heck, at this point, simply having a mid point save would be a huge improvement.


Yes, I agree! I would be happy with every other mini boss triggering a save point upon completion.

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