No season pass with Super deluxe edition?

I purchased the super deluxe edition and entered the given code that came with my game, and when I looked at my installed list it gave me all the DLC but no seasons pass. When I went to the xbox store it said I still had to purchase the season pass. The game case itself even says season pass included

Edit: I did also check social for my mail items


Have the exact same issue, its why I came here. Does the game itself have the seasons pass? Because I redeemed the code and got all the other DLC, just the seasons pass isn’t showing up.

Yea that is the exact same thing for me, I was wondering if it was automatic but usually it appears with manage games & add ones

Same issue for me hear. No season pass

I have the same issue , purchased the diamond loot chest edition

Same for mz in France bought the super deluxe but can t download the season pass i think normaly we have for free now it say i have to pay 50 euros for it , please reply to this cause we paid tis edition to get all dlc for free so is it normal or no

Same issue. No season pass in-game, in My Games & Apps on the console, and it shows up as an unpurchased item in the XBox Store. If you go to you can view all redeemed codes and purchases. The Super Deluxe Edition shows up and clicking the “This bundle includes” text reveals that the season pass is omitted from the code.


Thats the thing. For me thear is no season pass when i do this.

Got the exact same problem here aswell on xbox one, I have contacted xbox support about this, Just waiting for an answer about this.

The season pass is for DLC that has not been released yet. Can’t download something yet to be released.

Yes thats true but, the problem is that its not registered as bought for players, wich is supposed to do when getting season pass by code.


I did the same yesterday. They are absolotly retarderd. No help from them at all.

True you cant download the DLC itself yet, but for most season passes you still have download option for them. That is because the SP acts as a kind of key to say you have access to the DLC included in it when its available and doesn’t contain the DLC itself.


Same for me no option for download in manage game and says I need buy in the store, I have all the other included items but no SP.

Just to update, I have been chatting to Microsoft support for over an hour online. They really have tried to help as best they could but to no avail. My case has been given to what they call a game specialist who will look at whats going on and they will update me if/ when they have an answer.


Update us to :slight_smile:

I’m in the same boat and I also didn’t get the loot from the super deluxe edition. I spent a $100 to get the basic game.

I opened up a support ticket but It is useless they aren’t doing anything. I’m trying to find another means of solving this.

I’ve been working with microsoft support. I had to sign into the microsoft store from my pc. Then I went to the season pass. It says I owned it and there was a button for me to install it on my Xbox. Just checked my xbox and now it says I own the season pass. Issue is resolved for me

Just tried the same, still says the price no mention of owning it :frowning:

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Same for me