(No Seein Dead Build) Cryo Rough Rider Infiltrator Zane

I remembered reading a forum post recently about the lack of Zane variety, especially regarding how Seein Dead is the only viable Zane COM. So I decided to try my hand at a build without the use of **Seein Dead **. This Zane plays like when I was leveling him, running circles around frozen enemies with ever-replenishing health and action skill. Super good mobbing on M10, and as long as you can keep your Brainfreeze crits up/freeze adds to proc Calm Cool Collected , you do decently at bossing as well. Please let me know if there are synergies that I have missed or am mistaken about, but I think this build has some really good potential, if not top tier at some points.

I reckon this build would be pretty gear dependent, and I don’t really know how many god rolls you need to get this going, but here’s my gear breakdown:

  • Infiltrator COM with weapon and action skill damage and +5 to Violent Momentum
    I don’t think you need this god tier roll, but all the movement speed we’re going to get really synergises with the points in Violent Momentum

  • Rough Rider with double fleet and SNTL Movement anoint
    0 capacity synergises with Calm Cool Collected , allowing you to bypass the shield phase straight to health and action skill. The amount of health coming in should be able to keep you topped off so you’ll always be refreshing your action skills. This also combos with Stiff Upper Lip and Futility Belt , giving you massive damage reduction. Also, I don’t think you need double fleet, but more movement speed = more damage right?

  • Ice Breaker Otto Idol with cryo damage and efficiency
    Ice Breaker provides the cryo efficiency and damage needed to proc Zane’s skills. Since we’re not going down to Good Misfortune in this build, Otto Idol keeps your health topped off so that Calm Cool Collected can do it’s thing. Bottom rolls are less important but every little bit of cryo efficiency helps. You could possibly run something like a Victory Rush for more damage, but I think getting that good chunk of health back is more beneficial

  • Cryo Recurring Hex with On Grenade Thrown Damage anoint
    This is the moneymaker. With 1000%+ cryo efficiency, this baby will let you instantly freeze anything that gets tickled by it. That’s also why we’ll be putting a point into Duct Tape Mod if only just for that small chance of the grenade proc

Weapons wise we’re running everything with SNTL Cryo so that we can use a variety of other elements, although I’m sure other anoints can do well on weapons that already have cryo. Multipellet fast firing weapons do well here, allowing you to freeze and kill most things if you look at them the right way. I try to element match my weapon to the top bar of the enemy (i.e. shock for shields, etc.). This is to maximize the amount of damage you deal from the start, taking advantage of the boosted cryo efficiency to freeze quickly. This seems to work moderately better than just sticking to a cryo/whatever combo, but it could just be me.

I’ve been using different element Monarchs and Light Shows .

Skill Tree:

The Red tree is simple, picking up damage and movement (which equals damage) through Synchronicity , Donnybrook , and Supersonic Man . We’re only putting 4 into Borrowed Time so we can pick up Duct Tape Mod without wasting points. You could move a point from either Donnybrook or Synchronicity to max out Borrowed Time , or even forgo Duct Tape Mod completely, but I find that you generally don’t need it.

The Green tree’s first tier only has us picking up Adrenaline because the other shield skills don’t do anything with the Rough Rider . Everything on the second tier is great, with only 4 into Rise To The Occasion to get us to Calm Cool Collected . Only 1 point into Best Served Cold so the novas proc slowing on surrounding mobs, allowing for quick freezes. You could leave Rise To The Occasion at 2, and bump up Best Served Cold to 3, but I don’t think it’s as beneficial.

With the Blue tree, Violent Speed and Violent Momentum should be taken and maxed no questions asked. Drone Delivery will drop your all important cryo Recurring Hex giving you cryo efficiency and damage from the anoint. Death Follows Close is a good one point investment so we’ll take it. At this point, we need to spend 3 more points in order to get to the next tier for Playing Dirty . I find that you generally need at least 1 into Salvation for sustain and the rest can go into Cool Hand . You could leave out Cool Hand and just put all 3 into Salvation , but you shouldn’t need it unless you’re dying too often. I’m sure theres are pros and cons to either Violent Violence and Playing Dirty , but I put my last 4 points into Playing Dirty because extra bullets mean extra proc for Brainfreeze crits I think.

With DLC4 and the level cap increase, I reckon I would just distribuite the 5 points between Violent Violence and Cool Hand .

I’m using Barrier with dome and movement augments, along with SNTL with cryo and radiation.

Playstyle is using Barrier to tank damage while SNTL helps with freezing (I’ve seen it freeze mobs for me and trigger Brainfreeze on bosses) and movement speed. Keep freezing, keep moving.

I would love to know if this build is possible to run without god rolls, so if anyone can run a poor man’s version of this build let me know! I’m also working on getting video, but that may take some time.


problem with this is that “potential” is not very kinetic :smiley: it simply does not hold candle to seein dead not only col and utility wise but dmg wise. simply because unlisted bonuses on infiltrator are not of as much significance. same with executor it hits hard but if the crit on it was truly remarkable u could justify it over seein dead. but whatever crit value on it may be it is not m10 goated.

Zane does not work without Seein Dead. He has no diversity when it comes to class mods.

I really like the thought that went into this build. I haven’t tried much with Rough Rider because I never knew if the shield counted as “full shields” for CCC (I’m pretty sure that was something that was busted for a while, right?).

I also don’t get why people are like “yeah but it’s not Seein’ Dead”. We know. Everybody knows. It’s barely an argument at this stage. Anyone can slap on Seein’ Dead and go silly with it. Respect the challenge that is making other builds at least viable, geez.


Nice to see others using the Infiltrator class mod. I started a new Zane character several weeks ago and when I got him to max level I decided to make him an Infiltrator/Rough Rider/Calm, Cool, Collected based build sort of like you’ve done here. It’s been fun to get acquainted with Zane in a slightly different way.

This was what I used before Distributed Denial Stop-Gap (before Seeing Dead). It’s definitely one of the better builds you can do without Seeing Dead. That unfortunately makes it C+/B- material.

Undercover is so weird. The only notable reason to invest deeper than Confident Competence is Calm, Cool, Collected and Distributed Denial. Seeing Dead renders Calm, Cool, Collected redundant and 15 points just for Distributed Denial (and Deterrence Field) is a bitter pill to swallow.

but you can actually kill with nova burner now so it is worth it :d

I imagine this would be great with a frozen heart or snowshoe shield now with Mayhem 10 scaling for nova shields

You could probably get down to the blue capstone at lvl 65 by forgoing supersonic man and choosing speed demon as your mayhem modifier.