No Seein' Dead Required (Bore Zane)

After playing around with Zane’s update a bit I have a build that I think is at least on par with the builds I have had with him before if not stronger that I would like to share.

Bore Zane Build

You will use the spy class mod with this (the new one from Arms Race) I would shoot to max our man Flint and commitment. Cryo weapons and precision weapons double up well with this, and you can keep his kill skills active indefinitely with the mantis cannon. Some small tweaks can be made I am sure, but the core of it is there.

Good Weapon Annointments:

  • Gun Damage While Active
  • Cryo Sentinel
  • Any active skill bonus damage
  • Mantis Damage Bonus?

i loled thanks XD

first of all synrhonicity on mantis canon build? yikes my dog

secondly bore build? seriously how often do you even have enemies lined up without using singularity nades. thirdly u rather have hustler over spy
5/5 cool hand?

overall eraser is overhyped unless you are doing hustler or seein dead if you want to do bi damage having cold bore and art of war shot will give you more outside of very specific situations. not gonna say it is useless but by far not optimal.

Is art of war really worth it?

The way i read it, you need to stack it 15 times(!) before shooting by spamming cannon or pointing your drone and then you get one shot with 150% gun damage.

Looks extremely underwhelming.

well compared to eraser which gives you nothing 99.9% of the time it is :d i don spec into either tho. eraser is very specific thing you can set up to break for example quasar mobs against wotan and hit them with hustler com and recursion and hope it crits and does massive dmg.

eraser with conf call on graveward makes for some easy farming.

You dont think it does much in slaughtershaft or takedowns?

it only works if it passes through enemies watch your game play and see how many times exactly you hit line up shots. that is next to never on zane since he does not create condensed mobbing areas with singuarities of any sort. eraser is not just any ricochet it only applies to critical hits that pass through one enemy and hit another one behind it. so unless it applies to jacobs gimmick which afaik it does not it should not be worth much at all. since two enemyes standing on head level behind each other is very rare. it is more likely to hppen against spider ants but that about it.

The skill says it does bonus damage to pierced enemies, does that include the initial enemy that you hit with a critical?

no the one behind him you will hear a special noise for it

The point of synchronicity is to get donnybrook, nothing more. I find it more useful than praemunitus because the increased mag reduces the frequency of proc on duct tape mod and because it removes the full auto fire style on the hell walker. The 20% gun damage is still useful because you can maintain the sentinel drone. In addition your next few shots get the additional 20% gun damage after firing the mantis cannon, so it basically is the art of war on steroids.

The bore is extremely useful when coupled with duct tape mod and a singularity, as well as the dramatically increased amount of freezing due to our man Flynt. Don’t know what to tell you if you can’t get people lined up. Even then action skill cool down is basically instant for this build, so Sheer will has no value, the art of war requires you not shoot dramatically reducing your dps so pointless, renegade is pointless with salvation, deja vu’s ammo added to mag doesn’t really matter with the insane reload speed, so again pointless.

Cool hands 60% reload speed buff makes it to where your reloads are virtually instant, coupled with domino effect, reloads are a glitch in the matrix, meaning your mag size is basically completely irrelevant. Even then playing dirty isn’t really worth a damn unless you have all five and even then the returns are pretty poor, so why not?

No the art of war is not worth it.