No servers following update

· Added server distance filter

No more servers showing up… thanks, seriously, great job, the question is…
What should I do now?
I have 2 options

Option A) move to USA or UK, get citizenship, get an apartment, get a nice job, play again.
Or B) Uninstall the game, go mad, grab a knife from the kitchen and stab the couch
Lets add option C) Cry.

Great job 12/10

can you still change steam region ?

World wide filter didn’t work?

Great update, nice to get to play Vaygr again and have more games launch than not, keep up the good work!!

Not for me

Hrm - my impression of things was when you select the World-wide option in the filters - you’re getting what is effectively zero filtering from Steam…

This update WAS great. Improved filter and stable-ish multiplayer.

Those are very good and very needed changes.

Sarcasm removed from title to reduce confusion.

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Its sorta working but doesnt show that many games may i please suggest you make this the default mode so we dont have to switch it each game?

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Or just make it so that the settings are saved. Either should work.

First thing I did was test with a friend of mine in Canada (I’m in South Africa) and we had no problems. He was on my Steam friend list but I doubt that has any effect. I was able to see plenty of games and joined/finished one.

nothing at all


spamming the refresh button might show 1 or 2 servers… password protected :heart:

just host your own, people will join eventually.

or just change region filter to “worldwide” (btw, there’s a bug it seems and you wont be able to set it back after, I mean you set it but it still only shows worldwide servers)

meanwhile in my server…

It might be a time zone issue. If there isn’t a lot of people that play in your own country or TZ then there wont be a lot of servers. Luckily I share a TZ with Europe and sometimes I play at times that overlap with US and so far I’ve always seen at least 10-20 (about half are usually password protected) games up at any one time and have never had issues with people not joining my games.

I do have problems with people kicking me out of their games because of my latency (.200-.300) which is funny because it’s not latency that causes lag, at least not latency that low. But what can you expect from kids and people who don’t know any better :stuck_out_tongue:

Can this be the default?
My filter defaulted to “Local Regions” after the two patches. I didn’t see many games on Worldwide, though.