No skill points when leveling

Hi guys,

I’m a new Borderlands player, and only recently started playing the first game after getting both BL and BL2 with expansions from Humble Bundle for a steal. I’m playing the game completely alone (SP), but I must say I’m enjoying it quite a bit this way. I’m kind of a SP guy these days.

Anyway, I started playing with Mordecai as he suits my preferred play style more (Sniper/Hunter, I know, it’s lame). I really enjoy the game and quite like all of it, except that I think I’ve found a bug:

I’m not getting skill points to spend on my skill tree when I level up. This started happening once I reached Level 23. At first I thought I was imagining it, but I checked over the past week and I’m definitely not. My last skill point I received at Level 22, and since then there was nothing. I’m at Level 26 now and I specifically checked for the points once Ieveled up at Level 24, 25 and yesterday to 26. No points. The Exp points count up, HP increases, damage to lower level enemies increases, I get the whole message flashing across the screen that I’ve leveled now, but no skill points to spend in my skill tree. I’m slightly bummed about this as I was building my tree with a plan but I cannot reach the things I want to now as I’m not getting any points. Google produced no results over the past three days so here I am, asking a bunch of way more experienced people about my problems. Sounds like a psychiatrists’ visit… :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, any help/hints/tips/advice? I really don’t want to start over as I’ve got about 18 hours of play time on the game and I’m not very good with “do everything over”. I’ll rather stick it out and try going on this way…

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That’s bizarre.

You could fix it with WillowTree, which (among many other things) allows you to add skill points to your save. So, each time you level up you can save your game, open it in WT, add a skill point, then spend it as soon as you start the game up again.

Well smack me over the head with a Teflon pan and call me an idiot, but the problem “solved itself” last night. I’m a few points behind, but hell, I used a New-U station to reset my skill points, leveled to level 27 and, well, I got a new skill point. It seems to be working now. Feel like quite the idiot now, seeing as how I struggled for a while, ask for help and then it just works again.

Thanks for the help bud, appreciate it nonetheless! I’ll keep the WT app in mind, think I might just do it anyway to get the 4 points I lost back anyway.

I certainly would…4 points is a lot to be missing.

Maybe a dumb question, but you realize you don’t gain your first point til level 5, right? So at 27 you should have 23 skill points.

Yes, I understood the Level 5 starting point for the skill points. Didn’t even notice them until Level 9 or so anyway, they went WAY too quickly. I might just as well skip on the WT thing to get more points though, I’m busy feeding my character like crazy after discovering Old Haven. Critical hits with my Caustic Sniper causes one-shot kills on most of the enemies, and I’m still getting ~500XP per kill, meaning I’m busy building up quickly. Much quicker than hunting for spider-things or Scythids. I’m having much more fun in this game than I expected I would. $4,50 for BL and BL2 with a bunch of expansions on both was a good buy.