No skippable cutscenes again?

First of all, i love BL3, i took the week of from work just to play. But boy oh boy, the most anoying thing in BL2 was when you play the game with all characters on many difficulty settings and not be able to skip the cutscenes. The Intro Scene and Ingame Cutscenes. I thought, now in the year 2019, it must be standard, but NOOOOOOOOOO!

Really Gearbox? I mean really? I have to deal with many bugs at the moment, i can’t bear to WATCH EVERY CUTSCENE OVER AND OVER AGAIN, i almost got mad in BL2 seeing a certain Person die over and over and over and over again…please, please change that, please. I beg you, in the year 2019 this should be absolutely a norm.

Don’t make this absolutely adorable game annoying by this huge flaw, please!
And thanks.



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