No Sound And subtitles dont work at all

the launcher has music and the everything from 2k to nvidia has sound but once the game actually starts all sound stops nothing no gun shots no music no voice audio and it doesn’t help that the subtitles i enabled are no were to be seen

Do you have any enhanced audio drivers or 3rd party recording/streaming/chat software running? There have been a couple that essentially hijacked game audio from several titles. See the relevant threads here and in the Borderlands 2 equivalent for details.

not that i know of, and borderlands 2 has the same problem for me as well ive tried every fix i can find but nothing seems to help, ive had games in the past try and use the nonexistent speakers on my monitor but i cant find the setting to change where the audio is sent if i even can

Check this thread, especially the 4th post:

Or this one:

The one that talks about the MSI laptop and Nahimic 2 was written by me, after I found out how to fix it.

Thanks anyways.

I know - I was quoting your posts for the benefit of someone else!

Oh, my bad. I hadn’t read it properly. I’m sorry.

Not sure How this managed to fix it but i plugged my headset into my front ports instead of the back ones and it has completely fixed my sound issue, i dont think my back ports are broken as games like destiny 2 and division 2 have completely working sound, but yeah i have no clue what the difference between the front and back ports would have but it fixed my problem so i dont really care

Huh. My son has the exact same issue with his PC on a number of games (not specifically Borderlands though). What make is yours?