No sound during gameplay

Ran into this starting in Athenas but now I’m at Eden-6 and almost all sound is completely gone. I’ve noticed other people are running into it. It makes the game unplayable, right now. I’m reinstalling the game to see if that helps but I know it’s a temporary fix, if at all.

Anyone else had this issue and what solutions have you found for it, if any?


I’ve had it once on Promethea. I fast traveled to Sanctuary then back to Promethea and it fixed it.

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For me it was just the planet before Eden 6.
No matter how many times I restarted etc it would not fix it. When I got to Eden-6 the voice sounds came back on. I went back to the planet before still nothing. sucks.

Me and my g/f have had it multiple times. (only happened on coop).

Usually fast travelling to another world or logging out to the BL3 Main Menu helps.

So I uninstalled and reinstalled the game and (for now) that seemed to fix the issue.

Good luck. its a bug though. Reinstalling the game probably won’t solve it. The issue comes and goes. Leaving and re-entering the game usually fixes it.

I had tried quitting and restarting without any luck a few times. We’ll see if this is something that gets patched.

Why has this not been fixed??? This is 4 months later and this damn bug is still in the game. Get tf on it Gearbox

Happens to me all the time, even in Sanctuary. All l of a sudden, there is no audio.

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Im experiencing the audio bug on PS4, as well. It really does ruin the gameplay for me. The only way I have found that works is the close the game completely and restart it. But that doesn’t always fix it or prevent it from happening later on. Very discouraging