No Sound Effects Since Update

Sound Effects no longer play during vs matches making it very difficult to know what is going on around you. All sounds in options are at max and have been reset several times. Tried shutting Xbox off and retrying, but to no avail.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


I’m also having this problem. I’m actually in the process of reinstalling everything, since it was giving me update problems. I’ll let you know if that fixes anything.

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Sounds good, I am reinstalling as well. Hopefully I should know tonight if it worked. Either way I will post here when my reinstallation is finished.

It is good (and simultaneously very disappointing) that someone else ran into this issue.

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Reinstalling worked for me! Hope it works for you.

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Let me know if this works, for certain. It’s something we’ll add to our bug database and watch for, but if this is a dependable workaround, it’s very helpful information.

Reinstalling fixed the issue for me as well! Thank you for your interest in this, Jythri! I hope this post can help others too!