No split screen option

Not happy about paying 100 dollars for a game that was supposed to be still sit down co-op and find that there is no toggle for split screen orientation.

Gearbox needs to patch that. Like, yesterday.

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That’s a pc problem man they dont have that option cuase only one player profile can be booted at one time consider a psn or xb1 version

The op was actually referring to the fact that this entry doesn’t show for side by side spilt screen game play… You only have the top/bottom option on consoles

Ah that sucks if it makes you feel better the game is way better in online coop

thats not the point, maybe way better for you but go ask the 583 people who posted in the vertical split thread. Some of us like a good split screen game, BL was king in this category. They did say that its gonna get patched in tho.

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