[No Spoilers] Just soloed "Heliophage" on advanced. One of the most difficult boss fights I've had in years

I mean it. I did it with Boldur, and the Rendain fight alone took me 50 minutes. I died 15 times. I can’t even imagine trying to do this on hardcore.

The rest of the campaign was do-able solo, this final boss fight was clearly made for a 5 man co-op team. It’s possible, but holy hell it’s like playing Dark Souls. You can make no mistakes.

By the end of the fight, I’d blocked 50,000 damage, done over 300,000 melee damage, killed 400 enemies, and healed myself for 30k just from Boldur’s passive.

It was fun in the Dark Souls, masochistic, holy ■■■■ I did not expect Battleborn to be this god damn hard, kind of way. I definitely recommend bringing a friend or 4 along if you have to do this mission though. Definitely an accomplishment. And I got my Baeande, which is all that matters.

If you simply can not find anyone and have to solo, I suggest Benedict. You’ll need that wave clear. And flight. I promise.


If you wanna solo it on hardcore I recommend Oscar mike, that’s who I did it with.

What medal did you get?

From what i saw some of the enemies have an “active range” if you stay on one part of the map and tactical kill tha adds Rendain is easy.

I soloed it with marquis all you have to do is kill all the enemies on an island first and jump the islands whenever he gets near

I lost count of the number of runs I’ve tried with anywhere from 2-4 people on this mission, where it was nigh impossible at the boss rush. Per suggestions in another thread, I just finished with Thorn. 90846 score, Silver, solo, one attempt. I only died to Rendain, but I had seven lives left by the time I finished.

One more thing to note, Jailer Hayles (sp?) only had one wave of guard minions. Every other time with party scaling, he had three. I’m convinced most of the hardship on this mission is due to said scaling, and it probably needs to be revisited in an upcoming patch.