No Talk of a Lootpocalypse or raising CR, right?

Just wondering since I have all these credits and don’t want to waste them if a LP is around the corner.

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There’s always the possibility we could raise Command Rank again in a future update. We’ll watch to see how the population is progressing and think about those.

Lootpocalypse - we’re talking about Story Mission loot rates right now. No promises, but something we’ve discussed is just permanently increasing the legendary drop for Storm missions to near Lootpocalypse rates, as a permanent change.


Any chance for loot pack/marketplace discounts then?

Speaking as someone who’s got most of the story legendaries they want…any idea on loot pack drop rates?

Any chance of being able to prestige characters? Once you level them to 20?

i hope the population progresses enough for nova to get a robot suit, I’ll be waiting :eyes:.


Thank you! Just a little curious since I’ll be hitting a lot of CR- related challenges soon and I just hit 150.

And lose all our mutations?! Nope Nope Nope especially on a character like Ambra, whose mutation to heal her sunspot (I think) is the last to unlock

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This^. SO much this…


Well what if you kept your mutations but reset the level and earned cool rewards by leveling them up again? Like a new hidden taunt at P2 lvl 20 or a new hidden skin at P3 lvl 20?


What is your question about loot pack drop rates? I have lots of “ideas”, but I’m not sure what you’re specifically wanting to know. :slight_smile:

Storm missions

Sounds fun, when can I play 'em?

On a serious note; If anything Rendain and the Heliophage need to be changed to grant 100% Legendary Drop Rates. Those missions (especially in Advance) take waaaaaay too long to be rewarded with just a green/blue piece of gear. It’s also a pretty tough mission overall to even complete. So, even if the drop rates aren’t changed across the board, Rendain needs to be taught how to be merciful and considerate of player’s time/efforts.


That would be good :slight_smile:

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This was in the original design, but we dropped it, believing that 30 Characters x 25 hours to rank 15 per character was more than enough grind ramp for most players. :slight_smile: Though, given the number of times this comes back up, it might be worth reconsidering.

If we did anything in the short term, it would be far more likely that we would just increase the rank cap again, and add more rewards to the ranks as you ascend.


That’s a good suggestion.


Well as you’ve seen many people don’t want to play all 30 characters. Some people just really really love one or two or three characters and want to spend most of their time perfecting them. A continued leveling system would further increase their affection for their favs :heart:

Noted. :slight_smile:

At the heart, we’ve always wanted to provide plenty of growth. We will continue to look into ways to make this happen in every flavor, if possible.

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Increasing CR is nothing but an artificial method of lengthening the game, also not exactly offering anything that is new and fun in the process.

During the 15 to 20 jump, we got some titles and Commander Packs. Given the amount of time needed to reach the next rank, the payoff really didn’t have the impact. Sure, I got a pack every level for 5 levels, but it’s really inconsequential ultimately.

It’s already painful for me to get the characters I like to lvl 20, the ones that I despise are having it the worst. I haven’t even touched Montana and Reyna.

My original question still stands: Will there be discounts on loot packs and other marketplace items sometime soon? Is it even going to be implemented like a -20% (random number) globally instead of just specific bundles?

:smirk: Nova is the best flavor that this game is currently lacking.


Specifically are you looking at increasing drop rates in the future