No targeting circles in Thousand Cuts [OP8]

I’ve noticed that when I’m trying to dodge mortars for the two story missions in Thousand Cuts, the targeting circles don’t appear on the ground. While this is…KIND of fun…it’s still a little annoying. Has anyone else been through anything like this?

Never had that happen to me in all the times I’ve been through the story (on multiple platforms).

Was this a UVHM Reset? It is a rare glitch that happens if the door opens too soon, some of the Hyperion engineer don’t even spawn. It happened to me once during a coop play-through.

Are you on pc? If you lower certain settings it gets rid of them

That makes sense. I play on a laptop with low settings. I really need to upgrade haha

I had this issue on my old computer before upgrading. Brick would be yelling at me to avoid the targeting circles and I would just say “What targeting circles?” before getting lobotomized by a mortar.

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