No Tier 2 skin for Miko :O

I just wanted to raise awareness in a place where people are looking to talk about Miko. Looks like his Tire 2 skin did not get put in the game today which is odd seeing as Gearbox said 26 skins June 16th :stuck_out_tongue: hope they get it added soon.

It had to go through some last minute adjustments. That’s what Joe said. But it’s still not here. :,(

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And still not here

Guess we are waiting till n3xt week :frowning:

They’ll probably put it up with this week’s hotfix

I’m very disappointed they have not added it yet but more disappointed that they have not given official word of why they haven’t yet. I hope it’s added tomorrow.

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And all those hopes got shattered. Those last minute changes surely take a lot (OVER 9000) minutes.

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So no hotfix yet on xbone and of course no Miko skin…come on already right? I think that there was no glitch with it, that it was just butt ugly and they didn’t want to be embarrassed.

Update: hotfix has landed and no costume…/sigh