No (Typed) Chat window showing outside of active match

I’ve heard that when you press Y, there should be other areas to display a chat window, including the character select screen.

I’ve not seen it anywhere, however when I hit why, type something, and press enter (all while in character select), I can later see it when the match starts, and can then chat via typing during the match.

Not sure if it’s an issue with ultra wide monitors, but I am ONLY able to get my chat window to show up during actual match gameplay.

I have the same problem, and I have an ultrawide 21:9 monitor. The chat box is apparently placed outside the display area in 21:9 resolution, below the bottom edge of the screen. If I change resolution to 16:9, the chat box is displayed correctly in the lower left corner of the lobby screen. If I then expand the chat box, and change back to 21:9 resolution, I can only see the top part of the expanded chat box in the lower left corner, and the rest of the chat box is hidden below the lower edge of the display area. So I guess that some UI coordinates aren’t calculated correcly in 21:9 resolution.

Here is a screenshot of how the chat box is placed in 21:9 resolution

Hoping Gearbox or someone who knows what’s going on replies…