No UI fixes for V day?

So in their love letter they ignored one of if not the biggest issue with bl3. The UI. it’s insanely hard to read in coop and not the easiest in solo on consoles. it also has tons of bugs and is super slow. My gf cant play for more than 15m at a time without getting a headache from straining her eyes even when just trying to look at things on screen mid battle. we’ve tried every setting settings from FoV to text size. we cant sit any closer due to space.

Gearbox plz plz plz can you do an overhaul and fix it. ty with love

They won’t do ui fixes… It’s been six months with no fixes on this front why change it now? Everyone who needs it to play has already moved on to better titles that deliver on their promise of splitscreen, and the devs are too focused on end game farming of gear. Why make quality content when the masses only seem to want better drop mechanics? Now they’re rewarded with them just to start from scratch at 53… That’s the kind of response to feedback you can expect from GBX nowadays.

UI fixes were announced today as coming with the next DLC instalment, which is being previewed at PAX East at the end of this month.

Any further questions or comments about the roadmap in today’s announcement, please post in that thread.

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