No Unlock Token (Xbox One Digital Deluxe/Season Pass)

Xbox One player here with Digital Deluxe. I didn’t get the unlock Token. REALLY looking forward to Alani at work all day… this really sucks.

Is there anything I can do to get to play her? I’ve tried rebooting both the game and my Xbox, and I really don’t want to spend the night re-downloading.

Am I really the only one with this issue?

There seem to be a few folks on XB1 having issues with this. It worked for me, but not the way I was expecting. Easy way to check: go to the command centre and highlight Alani - if you have the Hero Unlock Key, you should see a green bar appear with a prompt to use the key to unlock her (press X to do so). If you don’t see that bar appear on her - or any other characters that you know you have yet to unlock - then something is up and (since you’ve already done the obvious thing) you should file a support ticket.

yeah, thanks for the reply. My friends told me the unlock process, it’s not that. I don’t have the key.

The search function wasn’t working, but once I went to the xbox support tag I found the posts from others.

This can be deleted I guess, but still having issues.

Gearbox knows. They’re trying to pawn it off as an Xbox error, but it’s not. Gearbox doesn’t give a rats about their community and paying customers apparently. It’ll take us months just to get them to acknowledge that it’s their f up. Who knows how long for a fix.