No Update(May 23, 2016) for Toby!


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Yeah. This sucks. Guess we weren’t heard in time for this update. Hopefully the next patch will include it. His Ult and Lore need help.

His revive hitbox needs enlarging too - last thing I need when racing the timer is to be hunting around trying to get the “Revive” option to show!

I hope they get around to at least fixing his lore challenge too. Hopefully as well at some point his ultimate can get buffed, but at least Toby can still be quite the little fighter at the current moment.

Even if they don’t buff the damage, it would be nice if his ult had some more utility than “the thing that can go through reyna’s ult shield” considering you can’t know she’s going to be on the other team when picking. 100% shield pen would be cool IMO.

If nothing gets changed, then at LEAST change his lore to 20 kills with the thing. Double kills with it is seriously stupid.

if it helps you have to revive the penguin who is just out the front of the cap aim your cursor there.

OK, that helps a bit. Not so good when the mech suit is on the edge of a cliff facing the edge though! :wink: So basically, aim through the suit to the cockpit, then?

well due to the death animation he is out of the cockpit “flying” in front of it and above

i imagine from behind u can properly aim towards the top of the cockpit and get him.

i have defiantly seen players shuffle around when they get near him losing a few seconds to work out what the reviving, i have even started to try and turn sideways on when i know death is going to happen to give players a hand.

OK - thanks for the info!

No bump for Toby on 5/26. /sigh