No update on my end, anyone else?

I just got home and shot right to battleborn and i see no new ops or character. I have the delux edition so today should be the day we get to play Beatrix and the new ops right?

Yep, but not for another 20 minutes or so. Patience!

Aw man i thought it was already up, left work half an hr early for nothing lol

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I feel your pain. I’m actually waiting to ditch out on work early until I know the update is out…

I mean. . er…well. Screw it, I’m leaving work when the update is available for me.

10 more minutes!

Still nothing on my end at 5:15
Ive checked to see 8f i had the latest update and my homescreen says its fine but i havent downloaded anything. Any way to force an update on ps4?

lol according to time zones, I should have had it half an our ago.