No "Upload Saved Character" Option in Cloud Saves - Why?

Hi All,

Apologies if this question has already been answered, but I’m trying to navigate the Cloud Saves feature between XBox One and Xbox 360 with little success. A buddy of mine and I play together either at his place on his 360 or at my place on my XBox one. Each time we play for a bit, we want to upload our characters (and their progress) to the Cloud so that we can download it at either location, depending on where we are, and continue. When we finished last night, we went to go upload our saves from my XBox One and the only option from the Main Menu screen under “Cloud Saves” was “Download Character”. There was no option to Upload. Also, my main menu says “Cloud Saves” and not “Cross Save.” Is that normal? How do I get the “Upload character” option to consistently appear so that we can keep changing our locations while playing?


I’m pretty sure it’s a one way thing. You can upload from 360, download to xbone. Not the other way.

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No its one way from 360 to One