No Valentines Day Event?

Wow…No Valentines Day Event.

And Golden Keys seemed to have slowed down a bunch as well.

Wonder what’s up…

The cute little Valentine card renditions on Facebook are imaginative but I was hoping for LOOT!

I’m such a greedy SOB LOL

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Oh wow. I didn’t know today was V-day. I’m also surprised we didn’t at least get a Heartbreaker or new skins. :frowning:


I was hoping for something cool for Valentines day, but it doesn’t look like there is one. :frowning:

Sad day :frowning:

No new loot. Gearbox not in love with us.

Is… Is this how they tell us it’s over?

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No, no one has any proof of that. It’s just speculation

Yes it’s over. Now take off your pants and go hog wild.

What he said.

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Heart broken :frowning:

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They skipped turkey day too.

And they added such a cool feature with the events instead of the codes, it’ just too bad the don’t want to celebrate half the events they used too.

That was my hope as well. I really wanted a Heartbreaker in TPS, I love that gun.

I guess the event is called “outside” lol…

but seriously if i wasn’t in crunch time I’d be all over some Valentine’s golden keys.


I was hoping to get it myself as well guys its a great shotgun, wonder why they didnt do anything?

yes it kinda stinks. I was hoping for some kind of event.

Strange. They did it before, why not now.

I guess they forgot about it or it wasn’t planned. They did the same thing on turkey day too if im not mistaken.

Would have loved to get something but i guess not this time around.

Maybe this is their plan? They want to break our hearts today and give us the heartbreaker tomorrow…

please :cry:

If that was the case then that would be pretty crazy.

They should have said something about a day or two ago on this. I even went on twitter to see if Randy would drop hints on it but nothing was said on his page.

You are right! I was totally looking forward to the event as well. I guess they are focusing mainly on the handsome collection.

Hope they dont let it die after claptrap dlc.