No Vertical Split Screen, please dont betray your fans

Wtf Gearbox? My fiance and I have been playing borderlands since it came out and have played and replayed borderlands 2 for the last 7 years and were even still playing it last week. One of the main things that made this game so amazing and playable for almost a decade was that we could sit down on the couch and play it together and have that beautiful vertical split screen. We were so, soooooooo, excited for Borderlands 3. We even splurged and got the Diamond loot crate edition cause we have loved this game more than any other and wanted to fan out extra hard and support it, but this horizontal split screen is serious BS. I cant even express how dissapointed we are that you took it away (Why? Seriously, what good reason do you have for this???) and didnt even have it as an option. At this point we are considering returning the game and going back to playing Borderlands 2. We were so excited for new skills and story and all the things we love from these games, but what really made them for us was the co op play and this horizontal BS makes it absolutely horrible and if not completely unplayable at least uncomfortable enough that its not fun and therefore not worth doing. Please, please fix this and just add vertical split screen as an option. Please dont just take all the pre order money from the fans and then ditch us :frowning:


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