No videos; Are Articles ok?

I know in the initial e-mail we are all told to not share video, screencaptures, and live streams. Are articles allowed if they are devoid of visuals? I produce occasional gaming articles and would love to talk about Project 1v1, especially since it’s the first arena FPS i’ve felt good at in a while. But I can understand if the spirit of the rule (no sharing for now) takes precedent over the letter of the rule (no visual sharing).

Your spirt of the rule mentality may be the way to go if you’re thinking about producing an article. After all, everything we’re seeing today is basically subject to change unless explicitly stated by Gearbox. However, there’s a more in-depth conversation clearing up the little details of our NDA here: Limited Non-Disclosure?
Based on Mere’s last statement, we’re awaiting official word over there on what is fully fair game.

Awesome, thank you for pointing me to that thread. I’m part of a small channel, last thing I need to be doing is breaking NDAs.