No warning on selling favourite or equipped items

I noticed there is not a simple warning box when you are selling an item that is marked favourite or equipped. While your equipped items are always listed last and therefor it’s easy to just stop selling of items in time, that is not the case for items marked as favourite but not equipped

Now you could say that I just should pay attention when you are emptying your bags at a vendor machine, and you;re right about that. It’s just something you would expect as other games have a similar feature.

Put this in the suggestion box.


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just mark all your guns u dont want with trash icons and everytime u visit a vending machine sell your junk with one button press its actually very simple…i would love a lock button on my favorite guns tho but for now just trash them

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you cant even sell favorited items, it literally wont let you. if you are able to then that must be a bug because ive tried multiple times and couldnt do it.


Thanks for the tip about trash icon. I’ll give that a try

Odd, i can sell them just like any other gun. also tried multiple times as experiment.

I play on pc if that matters at all (There are some other bugs in the menu on pc, like when you receive mail with a gun for example it says press “E” to accept. pressing E doesn’t do anything, i have to click the mail again and i get the item in my inventory)