Nobody complained about how overpowered phoebe's teleport's slow is?

  • Last 6 looooong seconds
  • Practically unavoiable
  • The area is gigantic
  • Almost instant (unlike marquis)
  • Really heavy slow
  • Reduce firing rate, movement/running speed, jumping height, and (not sure) ALL animation, including reloading and even quick melee-ing

So I know she got already nerfed and lost her stun (oh god yes that was unbearable) but being THIS slow is like being dead already.

You can counter pretty much all melee characters thanks to the quick melee but it doesn’t work on her, first because she’s 3 time faster than you (when you’re slowed), second because she can dash with no cooldown, and thirst because the quick melee animation get slowed down SO HARD it’s literally killing you to not damage her more than that during that time.

Am I the only one bothered by how powerful that thing is and how unavoidable it is ? (because seriously, she can teleport right on you and you’re screwed)

(oops, maybe this thread would’ve been better in "competitive multiplayer discussion, my bad)

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Slows by themselves are OP. Nothing new.

eh i havent minded it to much id rather her have something rather than nothing

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She gives up shield recharge to do it. A team can focus her down because she sacrificed her sustain; I’ve seen a lot of overconfident Phoebes die to teamwork.

The girl’s one of the best duelists in the game. If you 1v1 her, you should be prepared to die.
She’s also a glass cannon. If your team can focus her, she’s dead before she can even do one combo.


The funny part is I’ve been in discussions where bad kids talk about how useless it is lol.

I wouldn’t call it op, however, because she’s dependant on her basics after landing it, and until 6 you have to sacrifice her escape to do it

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Unless if they all get slowed down…

Yeah unless for benedict’s 1 sec slow.

Not like she has free dashes + a silence + super fast attack speed.

If they all get slowed down you say?
A team all standing together grouped up for an enemy to hit them with a wombo combo?

Duh they’ll die to everyone. PogChamp


Why would a team of 5 people be all together grouped up like that? I havent been playing PvP long but i usually follow one or two people but I’ve never seen a whole team grouped up so close that a phoebe could slow all of them.


Well the slowing area is so huge and just touching it gives you 6 sec slow…
The duration AND the effectiveness is way too high in my opinion.

All slows have this effect, hence slow.

Phoebe is the best duelist in the game, if she Phasegates on you you’re supposed to die. But she’s also a glass cannon, if you get the drop on her she’s dead. She has a small attack hitbox, and True Strike is integral to her kit but harder to use effectively then it looks/sounds. And her base movement speed is very slow, she’s one of the slowest Battleborn. She’s very situational and has to pick her fights, she’s virtually useless in a team fight even with the slow until she gets her level 6 mutation, she has one of the weakest abilities in the game and her silence is very hit-and-miss due to the requirements. There are a lot of negatives to go with the positives, hence Phoebe being an advanced character. If she’s Phasegating on you and killing you she’s just doing her job, that’s exactly what she’s supposed to do.


I’ve gotten accidental triple kills with Phoebe and chased a few quads, I reckon she is one of the few who could pull off a penta kill and if the enemy team is out of position like that it would be easy pickings lol. As someone who plays Phoebe regularly, that would be a wet dream xD


I feel like all AOE Slow (CC in general) should only slow you if you stay in the AOE not after you left it

Well really that’s one of her two only real tools - the TP and that slow. And they are both tied to each other… The silence isn’t really worth it, it’s too much work to land it and it’s that silence vs 30% move speed when exiting TP. Sure, +30% speed AND 30%slow both when exiting phasegate is pretty powerful, but really that means she has to rely 100% on that TP to be able to fulfil her assassin role. Blade Rush hardly is worth anything except for filler, her ult is nice but easily avoided and pretty small ( unless level 10 ).

She still is a pretty easily killed character who has to pick her fight carefully, so she HAS to make sure she can get those battleborn to stay put while she pokes them to death.


The most i’ve been able to slow was 3 but only killed 2. I’ve never seen a team all together like that. It would be awesome but i dont think it would happen. Not for me anyway. I can’t think of any PvP mode where all 5 traveling together like a pack is a smart idea. Maybe if they are all new? But even then I would think a few would go their own way.

Well that would be a bit complicated then, since it’s not an overtime AoE that slows here but a direct application whenever to every battleborn in close proximity when she lands somewhere :wink: I suspect it would be even worse if it was an overtime AoE that lasts 6 seconds.

I think you’re referring to her level 6 mutation? Best in the game IMO. Level 7 is when Phoebe becomes a Goddess though, 20% attack speed is HUGE and everything you poke after that just explodes on the point of your sword.

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Got matched up against a guy with the Pentakill title recently. Scary. :flushed:

That’s insane to me. Kudos to him. I’ve accepted the fact I will never get it lol

tl;dr - you can make pheobes teleport instant. i know it’s not what youre looking for but its pretty sweet. go to options then gameplay. at the bottom there is an option called “skill activation styles”… change that from standard to instant. then you can teleport with just one click, instead of clicking the ability once then another time to port. give it a try! let me know how it goes

Not a smart idea but it tends to happen on Incursion a lot sometimes by accident as you’re all pushing one lane, melee isn’t a good idea on Incursion though and sadly Phoebe isn’t really useful on that mode until late game

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