Nobody complained about how overpowered phoebe's teleport's slow is?

Yes but nobody will stay 6 seconds in the AOE, really feel like it would be more balanced

That’s a good point. I mostly play capture but yes on incursion its common to see more pushing together.

I dunno… With 30% move speed thanks to level 1 helix, I think it’s just all the same, really, unless of course Phoebe herself fails to follow her target.
Oh because I meant not a targeted AoE that would stay in place like Galilea’s Desecrate, but an AoE that would stick to Phoebe, a kind of Aura, if you will ! A fixed AoE would just… Really suck. As you said, nobody would stay in it and it would hardly affects people more than, say, 3 sec, tops. :stuck_out_tongue:

Honestly this slow wouldn’t be that hardcore if it wasn’t 6 second long.
As this guy here said :

Does it actually slow you for 6 seconds? Or does the slow aoe stay on field for 6 seconds?

It slows for 6 sec whether you’re still in the area or not.
Or at least that’s how it feels like, I’ve never survived enough to tell if the slow linger for 6 sec after leaving the area :stuck_out_tongue:

It puts a debuff on people caught in the direct proximity of her landing location. Like an insta-debuff aoe ( coupled with a bit of damage, too ), if you will. So it’s 6 sec straight if she lands on you or near you.

edit : there is no aoe field or area put on the ground or whatever per se :slight_smile: It absolutely doesn’t work like Galilea’s Desecrate, more like… more like… Oscar Mike’s base grenade without the napalm or Caldarius’s flashbang, you know ? With the only slight difference she is the grenade herself so she also gets to put herself wherever she aimed.


I believe the slow lingers even after you leave the field, I read someone say that it lingers for 3 seconds. To be fair, when I’m jumped by Phoebe and when I play as Phoebe the slowed Battleborn seldom survives long enough to get very far even after leaving the field. I also don’t know if any enemy passing through the field is effected or just the initial trapped enemies, I’d assume so though I’m not stupid enough to walk through it and nobody ever jumps me to find out lol. Usually when Phoebe teleports in everyone panics and scatters, unless she’s out of position it’s a bad idea to pick a fight with Phoebe.

Ah good answer, I play Phoebe a lot but couldn’t answer this because everything I slow dies before the 6 seconds is up lol.

Yea her slow lasts for 6 seconds. The area she leaves behind does damage over time, nothing else. Her slow ability is only applied to enemies near where she lands, when she lands. So after she teleports and if you are far enough away from her you will not be slowed and you can walk in the area she landed without fear of being slowed (only damaged over time).

She is the ONLY Battleborn that has a slow that lasts this long, all other slows are only for 3 seconds.

Edit: I like Phoebe and disagree that the Slow is op, she gives up so much to get into a position and has no quick escape after she lands.

But her Phasegating ability deals instant damage, not overtime damage. She doesn’t leave any kind of area. Except for her ult, which is something else :wink:

However, I’d also like to remind people that some other chars can arguably maintain a semi persistent slow, like Kelvin or Ghalt. It’s 1s/2s slow, but they aren’t on a Skill timer. Marquis’s bubble also lasts 6sec, but sure, this time around it’s “as long as people are in it”’.

Ok, what’s with the bubble she leaves behind after teleporting then? After she teleports she leaves a bubble that you can see the outlines on. The description of the ability just says “and damages them” it doesn’t say over time sure but it also doesn’t say how much damage. I thought it was damage over time due to the “bubble” she leaves behind.

Edit: On it doesn’t even state that her teleport damages anyone. Damn Gearbox can we get someone to edit the explanations of abilities more often?

Got you moved. No worries.

It actually does say how much damage. 134 at level 1, form the command screen. I’m not sure about that bubble thing though, I never saw anything like this. I’ll have another look right now :slight_smile:

Cool thanks, I was looking at mentalmar’s site at her description (and he didn’t list the damage) because the “Official” site doesn’t have like any accurate skill descriptions on the skills.

And I said “bubble” because it is more like a set of faint lines that move in a halo formation and stacked on top of eachother, evenly spaced out. It is hard to see, but it is there I promise.

Example, kinda of like this but they are moving:
- - - - - -
- - - - - - -
- - - - - - - - - -
- - - - - - -

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When compared to other assassins I think it fits. Rath has knock up/silence/dread wind, Deande has invisibility and knock up for days, etc etc.

I will agree phoebe is powerful, especially once you start getting her mutations. Maybe the slow could be toned down a bit, but I think being able to 1v1 is what an assassin is supposed to do and she does it very well.

Combo the slow with her ult and her melee combo + true strike and it’s game over. Plus, having the ability to teleport in then telport out once your shields break is super strong. I think maybe they could tone down how long the slow last, but IMO there are many more important balancing issues ahead of her slow.
Have a look here, it’s actually way more accurate when outside of the game. There may still be a few discrepancies because not always up to date or something but I believe it takes the data from the command screen.

And yes of course, I forgot about that “bubble”. Somehow I was picturing something different, my bad. :slight_smile: Things get mixed up a bit when swapping characters around.
However it still indeed does seem to put that slow debuff that lasts for 6 sec to people caught in the “bubble”. I should do a bit more tests with a willing guinea pig to determine whether walking IN that bubble after it had been placed actually still slows, and if the slow duration is tied to that bubble’s remaining life. ( ie, do you get a full 6sec slow when you walk in the bubble at the 5th seconds, or only a 1sec slow :slight_smile: )

You are my savior for posting that link. OMG it gives cooldown times!!! thank you.
I’m pretty sure you can walk in it safely, but I think I have avoided them in the past “just in case” so that would be nice to know for sure. Please update any information you find out. (Working and can’t test for myself, not being lazy)

Pretty sure you’re all wrong and it is a slow field. The teleport damage is instant, and you lose the slow faster if you leave the field.