Nobody has ever joined my game PS4 while on "online public". Issue on my end?

I’ve been playing through both BL2 and TPS on the Handsome Jack collection. I’ve put HOURS into this game. I always leave the game in Online Public. Yet nobody has EVER joined my game. Is there a setting in my router or within the game that is preventing me from appearing on other gamers’ game browsers? I’m able to join other hosts just fine, but nobody ever joins me after hours and hours.

It can’t be simply a coincidence that nobody has tried to join after so many hours of playing, because I can start these games up on my PC and leave it in public and people eventually join.

Any suggestions?

Hello bud, i just started back on this game if you want company add me “bromking” on ps4. I had no saves tho so im only level 25 at the moment. I want to smash out story mode and get to tvhm asap and then uvhm.

It’s not that. It’s that if there is a problem, I want to solve it. Being able to join someone else in multiplayer isn’t my issue. It’s that it’s impossible for me to host a game with randoms at this time. I can only be a client in someone else’s game or start a game for friends to join. I’m just trying to find out why my server isn’t showing up on other people’s server browsers.

Thanks though.

Same prob on xb1… Never had a single random person. Ever join my game…

One thing I seem to recall, (don’t know if this issue was ever fixed) if your toon is OP1 or higher and you host an open game, that game will not show up on the game matching, now if you set the game to Level 72, then people can see that open game in game matching and will join if they want