NOG head skin is it obtainable yet? fixed?

a youtuber showing videos on head appearances says the NOG head skin is from a quest…Technical NOGout, but…he did not get his from the quest, he acquired it using a developer console. skip to about 1:30

i have done the quest on 3 players no luck since? is this on gearbox’s fix radar?

This is a Youtuber we are talking about here…

It is probably NOT from a quest but the Youtuber, you know, being a Youtuber, probably is guessing that based on what it is called it is a quest reward that is broken. More likely he just hasn’t found it as a World Drop yet and cheated to get it anyway.

I say all of this without having wasted my time watching the video of course, but I know Youtubers.

he is not the only one who has said it was supposed to come from that quest, even streamers (gearbox paid/preferred) have said the same, been talk of it on reddit…its not just this one tuber

alot of questions on it, no one had legit gotten this from what i have read, sites showing the helm and how to get it, either claim the quest, or just show it