NOG Lich - how to kill it w/o wasting 3/4 of your ammunition bank?

thats it, pretty much. They are quite harmless but then take like 2 minutes nonstoped to get killed. They show up a lot in the SlaughterStar 3000 mission and its making me run out of ammunition pretty soon in the later rounds. Funny thing is that sometimes I see them dying pretty ok, same time of a badass commando… Theres also a critical spot on him that I cant manage to find, sometimes I simply see the “CRITICAL” popping up while Im unloading all my ammo at him. Did anyone find out yet what are these midgets about?

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Match elements if you can. Could be your modifiers or perhaps the gun you’re using? I like to keep a fire shock and corrosive gun on my at all times and my 4th slot is a wildcard.


Im doing that already. I have a leg pistol taht does 3k dmg per shot that does more damage than matching the modifiers for the enemy but I tested the types of damage against him as well. First one is the shield, I have a shock weapon taht takes the shields from any badass in the game in like 4 seconds and it takes more than a minute of point blank shooting to take away the shields from this guy. By the way, after we take the shields off, his armor and normal life is quite ok. Its still tough but acceptable. Its its shield that takes forever to get depleted.

Nog crit spots are on their back in the shape of a circle. If you wanna practice, I recommend farming gigamind just to get the hang of the front facing shield they have and weird crit spot.

What shock weapon are you using by the way?

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I think the critical spot for NOGs is on their back. I noticed this while phasegrasping them.


Yep they wear a backpack the crit spot is a circle area on the center of it.

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Thanks, that will help. Are there a way to write down a link for my profile here so you guys can see the weapons Im talking about?

Shock cuttsman or crossroad will rip through his shield. Brainstormer is also really good. Ummm umm trying to think of some more good shock weapons but those are just the main ones I go for. I have a kill o whisp build that makes shields a joke. Maybe try the kill o whisp? Or use a shock grenade to help rip off shields better? I actually have a second recurring shock hex I saved last night farming I can send it to you if you’re in Xbox

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If I’m remembering the right ones:

Crit spot is on their back. Throw a grenade to make them dive or shoot them in the legs to make them fall over. Get on top of them and hammer them in the back.

This is why they sometimes die so fast when they run away from you ;).

Also try rad instead of shock. From memory they have Shock resistance so Rad helps take shields down a lot faster.

Keep in mind, this is if I’m remembering the right ones.

Lastly: Nog Liches and the robots are the cheeze that are in Slaughter Star 3000 to make it harder to complete solo. They’re there specifically there to suck the ammo right out of you and make it so a team is needed to provide enough damage to not deplete ammo.

Hooray for artificially providing situations to inflate the value of certain skills/effects (in this case ammo regen).

Both of the other slaughterdomes have their own cheezy tactics to achieve the same thing. I imagine this is what we’re going to see in the future group-oriented content as well. If we want to solo some of these types of things we’re going to have to just accept that we need to do what it takes to overcome the cheeze and, in the case of SlaughterStar 3000, take something that can regen ammo.

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Zane’s stagger shield is also useful for getting access to their back. But yeah, grenades are the go-to for distracting enemies.

Pretty much this. I find their shields insanely strong as well as their armor layer. Powering through with a kinetic or fire weapon takes ages even tho it works on regular MoBs. Picking the correct match for each “phase” tho works wonders.

My wife usualy doesnt care about matching elements in the heat of the battle. Shes either sniping or using her “one trusted SMG” for close quarter business…which turns out to be corrosive (which she likes because of the color…women…sigh). And then I hear comments like “I feel like I dont deal any damage…” from her, forcing me to snap shut my mouth to not pick a fight. Ho boy :slight_smile:

Anyway, sorry for going offtopic there for a sec :slight_smile:

It usually falls to me to strip enemies of shields in M3. And with the NOG liches its certainly needed as far as I can see, these guys have an incredible endurance otherwise.


haha I play with my girlfriend most of the time and I can totally empathize :joy:

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