Nolarus the buff/debuff specialist, Random Character Concept


I just came up with this quickly, not alot of thought went into this. Also i posted this on reddit already and it didn’t grab much attention so i thought i’d try here.

Backstory: Hired by the LLC as a last resort for the assistance in the war for Solus this scrawny, four eyed bottom feeder spends most his time in an abandoned UPR weapons depot on bliss collecting old badges from UPR soldiers and obsessing over Pheobe who he idolises, Pheobe is repulsed by him and Marquis obviously hates his unrequainted love for Pheobe and tries to kill Nolarus any chance he gets. (To be expanded upon, or not because this won’t come into existence)

Standard Attack: I was thinking he sort of holigraphically created (digistructed, if you will) rocket fists from a badge that he holds in his right hand buuut i didn’t put much thought into it

Secondary Attack: Hold corresponding button to pick a buff from 4 designated badges (Attack, Shield, health, speed) which will show up on a type of selection wheel via hologram created by a badge he holds in his left hand.

Quick melee: Throws designated badge at the target. Which then buffs or debuffs depending upon the affiliation of said target (debuff for enemy, buff for allies obviously). Each buff/debuff lasts 20 seconds. Can apply up to 2 buffs/debuffs

Skill 1: Throws a handful of badges which create a small digistructed group of caltropes which damage the target over time. Can possibly be augmented to apply poison.

Skill 2: Creates a large fist (not too large) which is fired wherever you face, knocking back enemies and doing damage. Can possibly be augmented to stun (only 1 second).

Ult: Doubles the effect of all buffs placed. But takes away 5 seconds from said buffs.

Passive: When hit at melee range enemies are damaged slightly.

Method of movement: LLC patanted Scroller blades created for extremely fast movement in and out of combat situations (equal or slightly more then thorns speed)

Character design: I was thinking a scrawny but fast guy with four eyes with some funky four lensed glasses and mouth that sort of opens up 4 ways. No pupils just bright green eyes. Dark blue skin with bright blotches here and there. Badges pinned to his skin to create a sort of digistruct armour with the exception of having armoured pants.

So what do you think, any things i missed out, things that would make more sense/more balanced. I’d like some feedback. Like i said i came up with it after maybe an hour of thought so no helix and i don’t intend to make one as the chances of this being put in the game are slim.