Non bee sheild Builds

Does anyone out there have a NON bee sheild build that you like with the siren?

A brief discussion about this takes place here - I dont even know where to begin with gear

My bad, I didn’t realize I had to scroll up, I play my op8 characters for hours and hours and I’m tired of the bee sheild abuse as maya thanks for the help

In the comments I discuss my build and loadout that do not include The Bee, I seldom use it.

All of them! Coincidentally, my Hyperion allegiance character is Maya, but I use a Bee that’s seven levels lower than my gear set to make it non-game-breakingly entertaining. I change my playstyle when I rock the Bee, not the build.

Can I see your gear set?

My two Sirens use Hyperion or Tediore gear only (including aftermarket shields). There’s no single gear set: I usually stick to a single element (with something for slag) to take advantage of elemental buffs, but sometimes I mix them up if I’ll be in mixed company. I literally just choose whatever weapons sound like fun at the time. The first slot gets a pistol, second a shotgun, third a sniper rifle or SMG, and fourth, a Rocket Launcher of SMG. Here are some examples:

  • For Loaders with Tediore allegiance: all corrosive gear - E-Tech Spiker, Retcher, Avenger, Launcher, Quick Shield, Bone of the Ancients, Splatter Witch COM, Homing Grenade

  • For mixed company with Hyperion gear: corrosive Fibber (shotgun barrel), shock Interfacer, fire Longbow, and slag Actualizer, with Blockade shield, Hyperion allegiance relic, Blurred Trickster COM, and a Quasar.

  • For flesh enemies with Tediore gear: all fire gear - Handgun, Blockhead, Baby Maker, Spread, Quick Shield, Might of the Seraphs relic, Slayer of Terramorphous COM, Fastball (explosive)

  • For sniping with Hyperion gear: slag Fibber (arced bullet barrel), slag Conference Call, shock Morningstar, shock Yellowjacket, Amp shield, Legendary Cat COM, slag Nasty Surprise.

  • Shock weapons with Tediore gear: E-Tech Dart pistol, Omen, Plasma Caster, Bazooka, Evolution, Bone of the Ancients relic, Chaotic Neutral Cleric COM, Fastball (explosive).

  • For Loaders with Hyperion gear (all corrosive): Dynamic E-Tech Spiker, Butcher, Invader, Plasma Caster, Neogenator, Bone of the Ancients, Legendary Binder COM, Lobbed Singularity.

I don’t have any fixed builds or loadouts - my personal rule for character double builds is that they can only share one capstone between them, but how I point myself out down those various trees is something I change whenever I feel like it (which isn’t often unless I want to play with some random skill like Recompense, Fleet, or the like). Here are my baseline standard builds for these two characters:

Hyperion -
Tediore -