Non-character-specific anoint drop chance question

Hey guys, apologies in advance if this is asked and answered but I cant find a related thread.

Just wondering if there is a generally accepted “best character” to farm non-character-specific anoints, i.e. has the least amount of character specific anoints or has better chances for certain types… - looking for 50/150rad so thought maybe running deathless would increase its chance…

Thanks in advance

I don’t think there’s a scale on anointment drops :wink:

It’s pure RNGezus…

Zane may have a few less than moze; though i doubt the non specific are weighted in any way

ya shot - just thinking whoever has the least amount of character specific anoints would naturally have an increase across all…

Like I realise that any char can drop any other char-specific anoints but in my playtime you definitely seem to get more class mods and anoints for the character you are playing so I imagine there must be a weighting there… more research required.

Can’t find an updated list of all of the anoints, but it looks like FL4K might have the least character specific ones. So if you’re shooting for Urad, he might be your best bet.

From what I’ve noticed, the anoint chance is slightly weighted based on what character you are. No idea what the actual percent might be.

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Based on the Google doc fl4k + amara have 10, zane has 11, and moze at 14

  • the moze list is missing bear fist anointment so i cant guarantee how accurate it is
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